Saturday, September 6, 2008

"No Frill Airlines" - The Next Generation of Low Cost Airlines.

Hey our AirAsia CEO Datuk Tony Fernandes started to blog. Nice to have him as one of the blogger.

Maybe we can get some tips on when the AirAsia shares will rise. In future this counter sure will be like RyanAir in Europe.

Recently our AirAsia CEO announce the 2nd Quarterly Reports on Consolidated Results for the financial period ended 30.06.2008. It was reported that AirAsia posted a profit of RM 9.4 million on increase revenue.

The Group recorded revenue of RM 608 million for the quarter ended 30 June 2008 ("2Q08"), 41% higher than the revenue of RM 432 million recorded in the quarter ended 30 June 2007 ("2Q07"). The Group’s core operating profit was at RM 29 million, 2% higher compared to the core operating profit achieved in 2Q07.

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The lower profit was due to the Malaysian Ringgit that has weakened and higher jet fuel prices and this has resulted in a translation loss of RM 77 million. Due to this charge, AirAsia posted a profit after tax of RM 9.4 million after accounting for deferred taxation.

But in the end because of his tremendous ideas by charging a small fees for every baggage check in (they call it handling fees), starting from any booking made on 21st April 2008 "Checked In Bag", it really help AirAsia to counter the higher jet fuel prices.

Maybe in the future we might have something else much more better. It is good to know that the current Crude Oil prices has decrease.

If the Crude Oil prices still keep on continue to climb even higher.... please watch this advertisement on how our future "No Frill Airlines" would do ........ maybe.....

AirAsia Group has already taken delivery of 44 new Airbus A320 aircraft in total until today.

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