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5 ) Pembelamelayu Blogspot.

How I started to write this article about A SHOCKING FIND. TERESA KOK NOT GUILTY ? It is because of this "Pembelamelayu" blogspot. When I read an article about a police reports had been lodge at Datuk Seri Dr. Khir Toyo and Pembelamelayu Blogspot, I started to find why a police reports being lodged on this website.

When I read the whole article, to my surprised he apologized to the whole muslim friends for misleading the whole article issue about Azan prayers.

During that time , I don't have any decision to write any article until I found out that this bloggers has deleted his entire previously posted article.

At that time I knew Teresa Kok was innocent. I launched my investigation about this matter and when I decided to publish it on the internet, I must produce my every finding in any article and the cause of this mess with proof or else my readers might think that I'm looking for a popularity.

Since my article Part 2 and Part 3 which I posted on Sept 15, 2008 about "Pembelamelayu Blogspot", this bloggers received a lot of hits.

I don't know whether I'm the cause of it that this blogger had to announced that the website will be officially ceased it operation or maybe the police was looking for him ?

A check on his blog on Sept 17, 2008. He officially declared that this website will no longer operate and it will cease it operation from Sept 16 onwards. In his last article (re-produced) he produces several facts on why he made this allegation on Azan issue.

With the help of several bloggers on my comments (thanks for helping me out), I traced a few articles and posted it in for us to judge what kind of this blogger was.

The article on your right that was posted on his blog mentioning about the azan prayers is going to be terminated or tone down ?

Can you see the meaning of it ? It is a total different message by this irresponsible blogger.

The article on your right was claims to be posted by Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamed Khir Toyo to pembelamelayu blogspot (I don't have the proof - all his article in his blog has been deleted).

In his article, this blogger also mention that the real Menteri Besar in Selangor was YB Teresa Kok and she is capable to convince any decision making in the state assembly.

You see how this blogger twisted the original article appear in That was the main source that this blogger claims why he started to write about Azan issue and leads to all allegations towards Azan issue.

A check on this blogspot suggests that it was so famous until every each of his articles gets a lot of viewers. At least more that 1,000 viewers and above for each article.

Not only that in his last article he also mention that he trusted Datuk Seri Mohamed Khir Toyo information and believed that Zaini Hassan has already did some research before printed out an article "Azan, Jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya (pig or babi)".

Although this blogger already admitted that the mistake has already been done but in the end this blogger still insist that he was doing the right things.

So the question is now lies whether this blogger has created from a small issue in a forum and make it bigger issue inside his blog ? Please refer to Part 3.

A check on this blogger suggested that this blogger was an anti-DAP or anti-Pakatan. In the research that I had done suggest that this blogger hate and don't like DAP at all. Not only DAP but Pakatan Rakyat coalition as well.

Now the question is why this pembelamelayu without any solid proof want to throw these allegations to someone ? Is this blogger looking for popularity ? I think so, because in his comment suggest that this azan issue had attracted many readers around Malaysia.

Or maybe this pembelamelayu are just fighting for the rights of the muslim ? Why after all tiredness in creating so many article in his "wordpress" blog, suddenly this blogger deleted all his articles. Why ?

His comments suggested that he was pro-governments (Barisan Nasional). I'm not going to elaborate so much on this blogger because pembelamelayu blogspot has ceased it's blogging but remember he might create another new blog to continue his dream as a pembelamelayu .... etc .......

So who was supposed to be blamed ?

6 ) Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamed Khir Toyo.

He was a former Menteri Besar of Selangor (18 August 2000 to 14 February 2008). He lost the post of Menteri Besar Selangor after Barisan Nasional, the political party he contested under, failed to obtain majority in the Selangor state assembly during the 2008 elections despite himself winning in his Sungai Panjang constituency.

Now the question is why YB Khir in the first place makes this issue to become bigger until YB Teresa Kok being detained ? For me he was the main reason why YB Teresa Kok being detained.

Because of his allegation, a journalist (Zaini Hassan) finds it very interesting and launch it own reports about this issue based on his findings. After the news come out in the newspapers, YB Teresa Kok been arrested under ISA.

Based on the finding it all started when an article (June 26, 2008) claims that it was sent by YB Khir to pembelamelayu blogspot (no proof because all the articles inside were deleted). Please refer on top of the picture title "Laungan Azan nak dihapuskan di Puchong ?"

July 8, 2008. One of the readers name "sinatra_z" ask Dr. Khir in his website to clarifies this matter pertaining about resident in Puchong complains about Azan prayers is "disturbing the peace ?"

July 9, 2008. Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo in his reply to "sinatra_z". In his blog "Yes there is a petition being hand over by YB Teresa Kok. As an opposition leader, I will defend the rights of all our Islam religious. No law in Malaysia that prevent us from using a loudspeaker.

As old use to say “you just need a spark to start a fire”. YB Khir on Sept Monday 8, in an article appear in Utusan Malaysia urged the opposition Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government not to concede to purported moves by “a certain party” to disallow azans (calls for prayers) emanating from loudspeakers of mosques in Puchong and Kota Damansara which was published on the next day newspaper.

Khir also lamented that “while we practice freedom of religion, members of a certain religion celebrate to the extent that roads are closed, Muslims do not protest.”

The next day Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has picked on Khir Toyo's comment and highlighted the issue in one of its opinion column. The article was prepared by Zaini Hassan. Azan, jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya

That article confirms my finding that the issue raised up by the newspapers was the main source on why YB Teresa Kok was detained under ISA.

YB Khir did not only stop until there, he use his power as an opposition leaders parties to throw all the allegations based on his findings including an accusation that Masjid Kota Damansara also being press by the residents to lower down the volume of loudspeaker.

I'm not going to talk a lot about him because everyone of us knew who is YB Khir. Now, the questions that we would like to ask him, why so much trouble throwing all kinds of allegation towards YB Teresa Kok ?

Was YB Khir looking for popularity as an opposition leader ? Or maybe he was looking to be a hero among the muslim by protecting their rights.

Or maybe he got the wrong information from his right hand man. Or maybe he just too angry and hate the Pakatan for the losses he suffer and cannot become a Menteri Besar ?

Or maybe he was looking for Central Committee vote for the up coming race in UMNO Youth leadership ? It is not an easy task because lately another new candidate announces to go for the top post.

YB Khairy Jamaluddin. Tun Dr. Mahathir sons, Datuk Mukriz and Datuk Zahidi Zainol had earlier announced to race in UMNO Youth leadership. With so many heavyweights wrestle for the Youth post, any opportunity must be grab in order to secure move votes.

I still can remember that one week before the election was being held, YB Khir was giving us a speech to all the Barisan Nasional people.

He says "Just give us a minute (the day of election), I will return the rewards to you with 5 years of happiness and freedom ".

Indeed what he has says was realized, when BN lost its power to Pakatan Rakyat, all the BN people in our place were resting for another 5 years without so many activities. ......... How nice.....

Since the incidents of YB Teresa Kok being detained under ISA, did you notice that YB Khir never issue or raise any question about the Azan issue ? What had happened ?

Why all the sudden there was no news about him, about the masjid and the loudspeakers ? Or maybe he realized that the whole Azan issue was just a game in the politics. Or maybe he called Zaini Hassan to publish an article about this matter ? (UMNO newspaper) Or maybe he never realized that the whole issue can trigger the National Security Under Threats.

For me he was just trying to play with a small fire and he never thought that this fire is uncontrollable. WHAT TO DO ? It happens during a racial flare up and tension created by Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

Today YB Khir says he had nothing to do with the arrest and seven-day detention of YB Teresa Kok under the Internal Security Act.

So now who was supposed to be blamed ?


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Lets Abolish ISA = IKUT SUKA AKU!!!

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A Step To Abolish ISA By 18 people

Jackie Lee said...

I swear said...
Teresa Kok was not fed dog food.
I swear ....said...

She was fed bad food and food not to her liking. She should be more sensitive to poor people who eat wild vegetables with rice.

I was one of them who ate wild vegetables with rice for many days during the 80s. Terrible but I am still standing today.

September 22, 2008 11:32 PM