Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Malaysiakini : Anwar WHERE is 916 ? DON'T JUDGE TOO QUICKLY

Lately our country has been experiencing the excitement of over 30 MPs to jump over and form a new government by Sept 16, 2008. Everything seems to be on the path when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announce that the government will change anytime from now. After a few days of waiting, everything seems to be as usual.

I can feel that a lot of Malaysian are looking forward on this occasion and even put a timing clock to calculate the time left. Now you see after all of this hoo-haa, nothing is being materialized. During that time I was also excited when the time arrived but nothing has happened.

The so-call 916 a "Malaysia Day"or holiday cannot be considered anymore. This 916 can be considering a past and present issue already. To honour our wrong judgement, I have decided to post a new video clip - "DON'T JUDGE TOO QUICKLY. WE WON'T"

It's a very good video clip. It would be better if the volume of your speakers been adjusted to high to listen it clearly. Watch it and you will love it.


Anonymous said...

Pls no more 916 public holiday. Even if Pakatan forms new govt, I am 110% against 916 as public holiday. I am OK if 916 is a public holiday in East Malaysia. We just have too many public holidays and it is not good for national productivity.

Anonymous said...

Hidup Utusan! Hidup ISA! Hidup UMNO! Hidup Melayu!

Anonymous said...

You should be happy from the beginning.People like you doesn't seems to see the difference.Simply speaking, you just missed it even before the beginning of guess.