Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FBM-KLCI Reaching The Month of JUNE. Up or Down ?

It has been a while as we can see there was nothing much we can do about this share market performance. The turnover and the volumes were not there. It is a quiet share market at all and it is not a good share market to trade with.

Next week we will be seeing the month of June coming in. Can we expect that the Malaysian share market to move higher? I'm doubt about it as we can see there was nothing major news or changes that will enhance the share market movement.

FBM-KLCI is currently moving towards side way with the world equities started to show some weaknesses ahead. We have to be careful during this coming month of June. No doubt we cannot assume it will be a bad month for the equities market, yet we have to be on alert all the time. Basically June was not a good month for Malaysian equities market but because there were so many new giant IPO's coming in especially UOA Development, MSM Malaysia Holdings and Bumi Armada, there are chances that the share market will sustain its present trend (moving side way).