Monday, January 24, 2011

Quiet Market Ahead Of Chinese New Year Celebration.

Last week was quite a hard week for us. Many of them were caught by surprise the way the share market moved. No doubt the share market has been moving for almost 2 weeks and last week was a correction week still we cannot treat it that the share market has gone. Maybe it is good and healthier sign for the FBM-KLCI to take a rest.

How the share market will fare this week? It will be a quiet week ahead towards Chinese New Year celebration. At these moments we might have some technical rebound occur this few days after the share market had went for correction for the last few days.

Based on the chart wise, most of the counters right now showing more correction signal and it is to risky to catch where are their bottom. As long as the FBM-KLCI still can stand above the 1,529 points, I would not feel any dangerous sign ahead as there is a rumour that an election will held this year. If the FBM-KLCI 1,529 points cannot stand as their strong supporting points then we will have to change our strategy of playing.

However if we take a look on most of the world equities market, they tend to show more weakness sign ahead. I was hoping that it is just a small correction in the process rather than a major correction set in but with the help of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the world equities market still able to keep on to their track.

What would I do right now? With the current condition right now, technical rebound might be happening soon. So stay alert and look for opportunity to arise. Catching the right timing will determine whether you can make some gains out of it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Time High For The FBM-KLCI, The Bulls Are Charging!

NEW HIGH AGAIN. Walah... today transaction and the turnover achieved more than 2 billion. I have been looking forward all this while for quite sometimes. This is the best ever turnover until today. We have never seen it before for quite sometimes already.

With this kind of sentiment, it is easily that whoever accumulated these shares since last week would have laughing all the way to their bank. It might not be that much but at least they can gain something out of it. Anyone who hold towards coming Chinese New Year would have the opportunity to make more.

Basically the momentum of our current share market will sustain until one week before Chinese New Year arrived. These assumption was based on historical data. With higher turnover done provided that the turnover still can sustain for these few days, we can assume that the BULLS are coming back.

This might be the best opportunity we have at these moments. With the FBM-KLCI up +18.47 points to close at 1,551.89 points, these would be the best BATTLE for us to win a WAR.

Good Sign, Bulls Are Coming Back ?


Well, the year of 2011 start with a BANG. Anyone who has accumulated during the month of December 2010 would have been rewarded from yesterday share market momentum. The turnover and the volume done also look quite impressive.

It seems that the sentiment is getting bullish and bullish from now on. More effort is needed in order to monitor closely the whole market sentiment as anytime from now on, BULLS can be appear all the sudden.

I liked yesterday sentiment as it shows more promising sign after being consolidated for almost a month since December 2010. For the FBM-KLCI, we are entering NEW HIGH, a level never seen before. This is truly something very new for us to cheer about. Start your engine now, this might be the best bandwagon that we are going to ride on.

How long these momentum will sustain? Well, we will have to monitor it to determine how long these momentum will sustain. There will be signal appear when the time has arrive. So enjoy it now while you still have the chances to strike a jackpot.

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