Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Malaysiakini - Raja Petra Kamaruddin Calculations. Which MPs JUMP OVER?

Lately I was too busy preparing and searching some articles regarding about TERESA KOK. Malaysiakini : A SHOCKING FIND. TERESA KOK (TOMORROW MORNING NEWS) Obviously the article that I prepared was based on proof and facts. Every article was prepared carefully using about every hour of research of all available contents in Internet. All the contents are from a reliable statement, website and were not created by me.

Yesterday Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Anwar reiterated that he has the support of more than 31 BN legislators and is ready to form government.

He even mention that he had signed up more than 31 defectors needed and called on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to impose emergency rule to thwart a takeover.

"We have a slight majority, it is in excess of 31," he told a packed press conference held at 2pm in the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

Anwar, however, did not reveal the list of the lawmakers but had asked to meet with Abdullah to discuss a transition of power and was prepared to show him the list of defectors."We name them now and they get harassed immediately.

So I'm telling you now that I will choose to confide in the prime minister." And if he wants the list I will show the list at the meeting. Until the right opportune moment, we can't declare. We know how the system operates," said Anwar.

So who were the MPs to Jump Over ? Please refer to Raja Petra Kamaruddin calculations. Interesting. You will find something inside.

1 ) Malaysiakini - 30 to 40 MPs Cross Over ? RPK Calculations

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