Saturday, September 13, 2008

Malaysiakini : Strong Warning to JOURNALIST.

Tan Hoon Cheng been released. I can sense that the government is trying to send a strong message to all journalist to be careful in the future not to simply write down any sentence or words that may create chaos.

Tan Hoon Cheng also didn't realise that her merely reports about Datuk Ahmad Ismail speech can create this kind of chaos. She is not looking for any promotions. She just merely doing her jobs.

The question now is when Tan Hoon Cheng being detained, why the police have to use and enforce the Internal Security Act to arrest her ? Why don't just tell her " follow us to the police station because we need to record some statement ?"

Why hold her not even 24 hours the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar says that Sin Chew Daily senior reporter Tan Hoon Cheng may be released from the police Internal Security Act detention as early as today ?

Why Datuk Ahmad Ismail has not been detained or arrested under ISA ? He is the main factors or actors around this hoo-haa situation. If he is willing to say "SORRY", this arrested thing might not happen in the first place.

The facts that the detention of Tan Hoon Cheng is merely a signal to send a very STRONG MESSAGE to all the journalist in MALAYSIA to be careful when they want to pen down their articles.

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Nostradamus said...

A Malaysian Time Clock Slowly Clicking towards 16 September!

Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! Tick Tock!

Inbetween, spare parts and batteries still insufficient in case it stop.

Some try to move it faster by 15 minutes, some by 30 minutes.

Nobody thought of moving it backwards. I wonder Why?

Most keep on looking at the clock on the desk to check the time.

Some just make sure it is moving all the time.

Some just keep on staring at the clock, not sure whether it is moving or stopped.

Somebody propose the clock is not dependable. Must replace with another clock or bring in an
old working clock. At least the old clock don't show the date and month.

Someone even propose to have more clocks to make sure the time is correct.

Someone propose to put sunshade on the clock face so only some can see.

Some propose to change the numerals on the clock so that not all can read the time.

Some even propose removing the second hand from the clock. After that maybe someone will propose, removing the minute hand also.

Finally someone propose, "Why don't remove the hour hand also and just have the date and month displayed?

"Time is Golden? Does Man determine Time and Fate?"