Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Watch Out !!! Dow Jones Might Be Heading To The South Poles.

Well it seems that the world equities indicators have started to show more weaknesses ahead. Maybe this is the time where by we can see a truly correction set in after the world equities have been moving up since March last year (2009).

Basically the world equities performance will depend on how the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance right now but if we analyze their current performance, it seems that they are having a trouble right now. Based on the chart suggested that the DJIA should hold steadier or stay above at 10,100 points level or else it would be a bit ugly way ahead if this level has been broken.

During these three days we can see lots of heavy selling activities done in the DJIA market. If we want to based on their heavy volume done, it is advisable to stay out from our share market right now. Wait for a clearer picture before any new attempt to build up our new position.

Right now from my point of view, all I can say that the world equities market including the FBM-KLCI are already long overdue for their major correction and I would not be surprise if we can't find any new rally occur during this coming Chinese New Year celebration..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Breaking The 1,300 Points, Not Every Counter Are Performing.

Looking at the current share market movement, actually we have lots of opportunity to make some gains but it is not easy as we thought. Current market sentiment looks quite positive but it seems that we are moving into a correction right now where by not every counter are moving.

No doubt our FBM-KLCI at new high, still we need to be careful. I have been watching how our share market reaction these few days and it seems that they are consolidating.

World markets are not performing at all and they tend to move slowly towards the south pole this week. This is not a good sign at all. Dow Jones Industrial Average seems to be having a though night with the Bears, and the Bulls are still fighting it very hard to maintain at their current level.

Last two weeks I did try to buy some of the counters before Chinese New Year is getting nearer but until now, I still can't really make any gains out of it. It is not an easy market to invest at these moments unless we really have some great news to play along. However a careful approach need to be implement in order to safe guard our investments as the DJIA is showing some weaknesses these few days.

Friday, January 8, 2010

FBM-KLCI To Breaks The Major Resistance At 1,300 Points ?

Happy New Year To All My Readers......

Surprise, surprise ........ the Malaysian equity market has started to moved. Current share market performance can be consider moving quite well and there is some positive volume build-up (it is a good sign). But for how long our share market can sustain ? No doubt the market is breaking its recently high, still we need to respect the next major resistance level at 1,300 points.

Looking at the current total volume done, it seems that our FBM-KLCI has the capabilities to break its major resistance level at 1,300 points. But usually whenever the index touches its major resistance level, it will take a pause for a while before making any new attempts to break its previous major resistance.

These past few days we can see the overall counters especially the third liners counters were moving slowly towards upwards. Right now any short period of profit taking can be considering as an opportunity to accumulate. Whether the current share market can sustain its momentum, it will depends on how our world share market performance with the Dow Jones Industrial Average still play an important role as our Big Brother.

This coming few days will be very important days for us to monitor closely whether we still have some more rooms to make some profit. Current sentiment is telling us that we still have more rooms to move on.