Thursday, November 24, 2011

DownTrend Coming In ? Cautious Trade Ahead !!!

As we can see right now, the Malaysian shares market are coming down. Based on the chart wise, we might be experiencing some new waves of downside. If we check most of the overall counters, we can see most of the counters are coming down quite hard recently, especially the Blue Chips counters. Was it a new beginning of a new downtrend?

Based from the previous calculation of the charts, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is facing lot of difficulties with the European debts problem still lingering the whole world equities market. This time around it might turn out to be from bad to worst than ever before. It is still early to put this kind of assumption towards current share market movement but it seems it was never an ending story from the European country with lots of debts problem keep on arising from their neighboring country.

With the current sentiments moving downwards, it would be advisable to stay away from the share market trading. It is not a good time to trade with. Current share market sentiments shows more weakening side rather than more promising signal to move upwards. From my previous last blog, I did mention we need to be more careful in the month of December because it might turn out to be the worst month for all of us or maybe the worst has already started.

This assumption was based on few of my previous chart where by I used it to compare what has happen during the 2007 - 2008 financial crisis in the Dow Jones industrial Average. Currently the share market might be moving 20 cents down before rebound 10 cents up and again coming down another 15 cents with 7 cents up. Each day we might be experiencing more downside rather than upside.

It seems the Bears have just wake up from their SLEEPing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Current Share Market Sentiments Still Looks Nice. Be Careful In The Month Of December!

These few weeks I was caught off guard the way our share market movement. I didn't expect that the share market can perform so well. This time I really admit that I didn't pay much of the attention on the current share market movement. I admit my mistake. Maybe I was paying too much attention on the downside and I have missed the opportunity to trade during this highly volatile movement.

Looking at the current share market movement, we need to put more attention towards the overall world equities market movement. Right now, based on their charts movement I will still put my self in a position of self protection. Basically I will pay more attention towards the month of December. Based on the calculation, any major turnaround will depends on the month of December. I won't say it will happen or it might happen. It was just based on the chart reading.

What would happen in the month of December ? There might be a major downside going on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We cannot assume that it is going to happen but we can take a look on it and have a glimpse on it. This is just a chart reading only and it is only a guide for us. How far and whether it will happen or not????? Nobody knows. It is just that they look more or less the same pattern. Just be careful whenever we trade. For sure maybe my earlier mistake was I put too much attention or depend too much on this chart pattern. That was my biggest mistake.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Haji