Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Technical Rebound But Still Not Promising At All.

Another lousy share market performance. Based on the chart wise, our share market lately perform technical rebound after coming down hard from 1,655 points to 1,600 points. At these moments our FBM-KLCI is standing almost to their previous high but still our share market didn't perform accordingly. Maybe it was due to our delay in having the 13th General Election.

Lately many of the news come out stated that the next coming general election will be stage around November this year. Many of them speculate it might be held around 11.11.2012. How true is this news ???? It is just an speculation only.

From my point of views, I think it might be held maybe around March next year. That will be the full terms of Barisan Nasional governments. However we must realize that the longer the existing government drag or delay in having the 13th General Election, the longer we will be suffering with no new interest being build around our sentiments. The sentiments seems to be getting worst although the world equities market perform quite well especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average.