Wednesday, June 15, 2016

KLCI Now Look Very Crucial. Maybe 1,600 Points Cannot Hold.

Based on the chart reading, the KLCI have perform the technical rebound. The main resistance was at 200 days moving average which is at around 1,660 points. After touching the main resistance of 200 days moving average the index started to move down. The main support now for the KLCI is around 1,610 points. Breaking this support, we might be heading lower below 1,600 points
MACD Histogram indicators showing RED colour stating that the index is weaken with the MACD reading is getting weaker. At these moments the KLCI is trading below 20 days moving average. It is a sign of weakness. Stay out from the equities markets for a while will be a right choice at these moments.   

Monday, May 30, 2016

KLCI Still Below 200 Days Moving Average. Stay At Side Line.

Current KLCI still stay below 200 days moving average. As we can see from the chart, the KLCI has been moving side way for almost 2 weeks. Where was the index is heading to? The indicators are telling us that the momentum is showing strength towards up but the KLCI didn't perform at all.

The world equities market especially the world market indexes are moving upwards. Their momentum also showing positive sign with the Dow Jones, Hang Seng and STI also moving up little by little.
From here we can see that the KLCI is making a technical rebound but anything can happen in the first place. Stay at the side line before making any decision. As long as the index still trade below 200 days moving average it is advisable to monitor it. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

KLCI Must Stay Above The 200 Days Moving Average.

Based on the Monday closing, the KLCI still stay above the 200 days moving average and still waiting for the 20 days moving average to catch up.
At these moments where the KLCI will be heading to ? As long as the KLCI managed to stay above the 200 days (1,670 points) we will still have some chances that the KLCI might be moving higher in near terms but we need more time to analysis the whole trend as well as the world equities market.
What do you think??? Do you all think that these markets will move higher??? At the moment the KLCI equities are not moving much. They seems to be laggard and moving side way.