Friday, February 11, 2011

The Bears Are Taking Over The Share Market?

Wow, indeed yesterday was tremendous day in our share market. I didn't expect that it will fall so drastically. The FBM-KLCI went down -32.08 points to close at 1,503.99 points. If we take a look on how the share market traded yesterday, it seems that our journeys with the Bulls have just ended.

At these moments we must be well prepare for any bad outcome from the share market. It will not be a good market at all as we can see that the FBM-KLCI break the 1,529 points supporting level.

With this level being broken, the share market might move further down to 1,480 points level. If this level being taken out, it will be a bad sign for the Malaysian share market.

Right now I will lay off myself from the share market as the share market has already hurt from yesterday falls. It will not be an easy market to trade right now. We have to be more careful. Any accumulation of shares will not guarantee any return because the Bulls already went to hide and the Bears are taking over the share market.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bulls And The Bears Are Fighting Each Other.

Looking at the overall share market momentum, they tend to be more selling after recently the share market has adjusted their technical rebound. No doubt for the last two days the volume and the turnover looks very good with total transaction for each day increase to more than 3 billions shares traded still it didn't means that it was a good sign.

One thing for sure whenever most of the third liners start to move drastically after the share market recently run up from the beginning of January until now, our Malaysian share market will take a pause. They need to digest a bit after recently huge turnover and volume done but we must always remember that whenever most of the third liners start to move that is the sign that our share market is already end their journey to move forward.

Again I hope this statement was wrong because I'm expecting the share market to consolidate rather than going down bit by bit. It will be a mix market with the Bulls and the Bears are fighting each other right now. Who will win? We will see how our share market is going to digest recently turnover.

Basically in the month of March would be a good month for the share market. The atmosphere of General Election is getting around the corner with our Prime Minister still the key person to decide when the General Election would be held. There was a talk about it but it always turnout to be rumors only.

World equities market especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average still looks very strong with their index creating new high and new high again. Yesterday gain of +71.52 points (12,233 points) pushed the Dow’s daily winning streak to its longest in nearly seven months. Maybe there will be some profit taking in the process for the Dow Jones Industrial Average these coming few days.

Monday, February 7, 2011

FBM-KLCI Might Be Consolidating ?????

Basically and technically the technical rebound has happened. Not only it happens last week but it seems that it might be continuing for this week with the world equities market showing more promising sign. I'm able to make some handsome gains during this technical rebound. Not much but good enough for my Chinese New Year Ang Pow.

The FBM-KLCI managed to crawl back to their safest zone. I was hoping that this level will maintain as their strong support. In the month of February how our share market will fare?

Basically after Chinese New Year the share market might not performing that well. It will be a mix market. This was based on previous historical data. We still have lots of opportunity if we really concentrate on certain counters. I hope I was wrong in giving this statement. No matter what is going to happen next, we have to trade it carefully.

Choosing a right counter will determine our margin of profit. With Petronas still have lots of news to announce, any counter related to oil and gas company will have more opportunity to rise further. Based on the chart wise, the FBM-KLCI just make a recovery from recently sharp falls and it might need some times to digest this coming week. How far will it go? We will never know as the FBM KLCI still trying to heel from the recently wound. Maybe a consolidation move .....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai

May The Year Of Rabbit
Bring More Happiness To All The Investors