Friday, October 30, 2009

FBM-KLCI - A Bit Bearish. Waiting for DJIA Indicators ?

FBM-KLCI - Breaks it Major Supporting Lines. With the major supporting lines being breaks, it is quite bearish right now for the whole sentiment. Yesterday prices still look bit stable although we have some small selling activities in the morning session. A technical rebound might be just round the corner.

But if we examine the share market movement especially the FBM-KLCI, most of the time they were traded accordingly to the Dow Jones Industrial Average movement.

Right now the DJIA play an important role to determine whether our share market still have more spaces to hang on at the current level. A break of below 1,200 points will confirm that the current trend has turn to bearish sign. However at current level and with most of the indicators turning south, it is quite important to stay out or to reduce our exposure in order to safe guard our investment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Very Bad Sign From Dow Jones Industrial Average ?

I'm back after having my holiday for about one week in Thailand. During last Sunday when I look through all the indicators and review most of the charts moving pattern, it is obvious that the share market is losing its momemtum and some of them even moving down and created new low.

If we take a closer look, it is not worth it to get involve as the FBM-KLCI might be heading for a correction or profit taking. We have to be careful on this matter.

An updated on the Dow Jones Industrial Average chart also suggested that the DJIA is heading for profit taking or maybe a correction as the indicator - Parabolic SAR is showing some selling signal sign.

What we can see from here is; the FBM-KLCI might be heading for a real correction. It is still early to mention what would happen as most of the counters might have some technical rebounds after slowly moving down bit by bit.

Tomorrow we will review what is happen to the FBM-KLCI chart? Form my point of views, it seems that FBM-KLCI also appear to have an indicator of Parabolic SAR selling signal coming out.

So it is quite important also to look on how the DJIA movement these few days. If the DJIA can stay on near to the 10,000 points level then it will be a good sign or else it will turn very bad for the whole world equities market.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Have Some Volume ... Bad Performance From The Share Market ?

Still the same old day ....... No doubt the volume has increased more than 1 billion turnover per day, still we can see the share market movement not much different with certain counters only moving.

FBM-KLCI is creating new high each day but most of the counters performance still like ...... what should we call ..... like sh*t only.

Frankly we can say that this is not a very good market to play along. It seems that the share market is waiting for something to happen. Either they are waiting for some Market Leaders to emerge or they are waiting for something bad to happen in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Looking at the latest chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average, it seems that the Dow still have some potential to move on as the DJIA has cross above the 10,000 points level. This level is quite important as it will act as a supporting level. If the DJIA manage to stay at this level for few days ( +,- 200 points) then it will have the strength to move higher. Right now they still didn't post any risk yet. But remember the DJIA has moved since March 2009 until now and I would consider quite dangerous also. Just beware and be careful in each of our trade.

This early morning I will be travelling to Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be back by next week Tuesday. I will keep on monitoring the movement from there and will post some article if there is a need to do so.

Monday, October 19, 2009

FBM-KLCI Higher With Volume Increase ?

Looking at the charts and couple with the total volume done in FBM-KLCI, we might have a small rally coming in. It seems that there isn't any bad news that is going to take down the current Bulls Market.

We still can play along with the sentiment but choosing a right counter would be consider as the best bet in this market because the share market has been moving quite long already and they might be heading for correction in near term?

Looking at the current sentiment, who will going to be our market leader ? Right now it seems that UemLand has the potential to become our market leader.

However based on the world equities market charts, we still have to be careful because many of them seems a bit tired trying to move higher and higher. No doubt the volume in Malaysia share market has increased, a careful approach need to be implement in order to safeguard our profit margin.

Saturday, October 17, 2009



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wooow. FBM-KLCI At New High. Volume Increase. A Good Sign.

Yesterday the Malaysian share market for the first time breaks and reaches its 1 billion turnovers. This is a good sign and a very good sign but we have to remember that the turnover needs to be sustain through out the uptrend market.

If the turnover just build up for a day or two (above 1 billion) and the next day the turnover touches about 500 - 800 million then we must be on alert.

Volumes build up are very important in order to sustain the current share market movement. A lower turnover would means that they are lack of interest and don't have any interest to invest in this share market.

Speculation counters have started to show some positive sign with many of them have started to move higher. With this kind of situation we need to monitor very close for the whole time as the share market has already shown some positive movement.

With the volume and the turnover starting to build up, I would still prefer if there would be any potential counters that can become our market leaders. Right now our share market especially the speculations doesn't have any leader to leads the market.

Market Leaders can always maintain the uptrend movement of the speculation counters. No doubt the Dow Jones Industrial Average has touches their 10,000 mark or points for the first time since October last year, one would have to bear in their mind that the current Bullish sentiment in DJIA may have reaches it highest points. (Read this article *With Dow Near 10,000, Stocks Might Get Stuck*

So what we need to do now is " Be A Trend Follower Not A Trend Predictor "

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Market Looks Better But Counters Didn't Perform ...

The Malaysian share market performance right now looks quite stable with the ability to move higher each day. Overall market seems still not really promising yet with no big volume and turnover to support this share market. Only certain counters are moving. As we can see, in the past few days, some of the counters move higher because of technical rebound after slowly going doing down for two weeks.

The abilities to hold and wait would be the main key to win in this market. A check on the whole share market counters and charts suggested that most of the counters are moving side way with a small gap movement.

I was wondering whether it would be the right time to accumulate but after considering that the FBM-KLCI has been moving since March 2009, I need to change my strategies of playing. Just choose certain counters or some of our favorite counters that have some potential to move on. By the way if we take a closer look the share market now is experiencing a rotational play.

Half month already passed in the month of October and the Dow Jones Industrial Average still performing like BULLS run. The October effect seems didn't occur at all. Any how the world equities market performance still consider quite safe.

Friday, October 9, 2009

FBM-KLCI Close At New High - Volume Traded Still Low ?

As we can see, the Dow Jones Industrial Average really bring some hope to the world equities market with our FBM-KLCI also moving along in tandem with the regional market performance but it is still early to mention that the share market is in the bull run as the volume traded didn't support this theory at all.

Based on the chart, the FBM-KLCI is moving nearer to the next resistance level of 1,242 points level and the Parabolic SAR is showing buying signal again.

Even though we can see some of the speculation counters are moving these two days but the volume or the turnover done still not encouraging yet but certain counters started to make new high. What we can see from here although some of share prices are making new high but the overall market is not really moving in a promising way.

I will assume that these two days advance would be mainly because many counters were moving down for almost two weeks and this time around they are moving up (technical rebound) but we cannot assume that most of counters are going for a technical rebound. Some of the counters are really moving and they really move to break their strong resistance and created new high.

We really need to pay lots of attention in searching for solid counters that can really make huge gains out of it. One has to know that the on going BATTLE is still keep on going and we will never know who will win in the end of this WAR as the FBM-KLCI still staying above the 1,200 points level.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dow Jones Still Have Strong Resistance To Break Through ?

Well the Dow Jones Industrial Average perform quite well these two days but still the DJIA still have a major hurdle to penetrate their strong resistance at 9,850 points to 9,900 points level. Even if the DJIA have the capabilities to penetrate the strong resistance level, still our share market performance are not moving accordingly (especially the speculation counters).

Some even created new low. With the FBM-KLCI still staying at high, it is quite difficult to understand why our share market is not moving? No doubt the DJIA seems to have the ability to bring the world equities market to move higher but still we need to be well alert on our Malaysia share market performance (when the share prices keep on going down and created new low, it is not a healthy sign) or maybe an opportunity to buy at low ?


Gold futures hit a new high on Tuesday, lifted by weakness in the dollar after Australia hiked interest rates and after a report that Gulf-area oil producers, along with China, Russia, Japan and France, are planning to eventually end dollar-based oil pricing. Gold for December delivery rose as high as USD 1,045.00 an ounce in electronic trade, topping the previous record of USD 1,033.90 in March 2008.

If the Gold prices went up and created new high, was it a right time to buy and invest in PohKong shares? From the chart wise, it seems that PohKong share is building up its base and prepare to move higher .......

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Month Usually Bad Month For The Dow Jones ?

Two October trading days past by and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) perform negatively. As most of us knew that the Dow Jones usually performs very badly during the month of October every year. On the 1st of October the DJIA for the first time went down more than -200 points since July this year.

Was it a bad sign or a starting point of a turn around (trend reversal) for the DJIA? Judging from last year performance until now, the DJIA seems to be running for a rest after being running up for quite sometimes (March 2009 until September 2009). Hence we must be well alert on this matter. October month is usually an unstable month for the DJIA.

Checking on the FBM-KLCI movement suggest that the index still staying at the positive zone. Although the Dow Jones down more than -200 points on Thursday, our index still behaved quite positively. Many of our readers or traders knew that the FBM-KLCI seems to be control by the governments' link funds. I will not call that our FBM-KLCI look negatively as the index still stays above the 1,200 points level.

But looking at most of the speculation counters; I would rather say that they look a bit ugly. Either they are waiting for the Time Bomb to be exploded or they are waiting for the perfect time to climb even higher. My suggestions - I will choose to say out unless there is some great news coming out.