Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FBM-KLCI In Bad Situation? Oversold !!!

Lately we are experiencing some sharp downturn on the FBM-KLCI since the beginning of November till now. Most of the blue chip counters didn't perform at all. For almost 2 months I didn't wrote any article inside my blog because I didn't see any exciting news to write on our Malaysian share market performance. It is the worst performance for most of the counters.

 The performance and the sentiments on our share market didn't truly or show genuine share market movements. We can notice that in the beginning of the 3rd quarter our Malaysian share market start to move higher and create so many ALL TIME HIGH for the FBM-KLCI but our share market and most of the sentiments didn't support well with the index movements.

It is not an easy market to trade with and most of the counters especially the third liners and the second liners created new low. Lately there were some rumours that the 13th General Election might be held around December. I was hoping that the sooner the election being held the better our share market will be or else we will be suffering maybe till next year of March.

From the indicator reading the FBM-KLCI might stage a technical rebound around these few days. The indicators show that the FBM-KLCI is highly oversold at these moments.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Technical Rebound But Still Not Promising At All.

Another lousy share market performance. Based on the chart wise, our share market lately perform technical rebound after coming down hard from 1,655 points to 1,600 points. At these moments our FBM-KLCI is standing almost to their previous high but still our share market didn't perform accordingly. Maybe it was due to our delay in having the 13th General Election.

Lately many of the news come out stated that the next coming general election will be stage around November this year. Many of them speculate it might be held around 11.11.2012. How true is this news ???? It is just an speculation only.

From my point of views, I think it might be held maybe around March next year. That will be the full terms of Barisan Nasional governments. However we must realize that the longer the existing government drag or delay in having the 13th General Election, the longer we will be suffering with no new interest being build around our sentiments. The sentiments seems to be getting worst although the world equities market perform quite well especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Worst Market Performance Even Though We Have All Time High !!!

Well I'm back again to pen down my points of views about Malaysia share market performance. Basically I didn't foresee any major development news that can help our Malaysia share market. Our share market will be stagnant all the times. Up and down a bit with no place to move to.

As we use to discuss and mention in few of my previous blogs, without the implementation of when will be the date of the General Election will be held, our share market will just die like a dead fish. No doubt we can see some of the counters are moving up but it didn't indicate we are having a healthier share market.

The FBM-KLCI is making new high but most of the counters listed were not in the same mood as the FBM-KLCI. They are moving opposite direction. This is obviously not right if our share market continue to like that. Few of my friends working as remisier also complaining on how the lousiest our share market performance at these moments. They mention this is the worst performance and the most quietest market compare to pre-election last time. 

Well as we can see that as long as our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak still delaying the date of the General Election then most of us will suffer till the date of election.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.



Friday, July 27, 2012

Excited But Nothing To Cheer About !!!

EXCITED !!! So excited but not really happy about it. What I'm so excited for but yet not really happy about it? FBM-KLCI is making new high everyday and yet we are having a dull and quiet market sentiment. Was it a good time to go for investments? Seeing the sentiments right now, we are having stable share market momentum but not a promising share market to trade with or to go along unless we are having some good potential counters to go play with.

I have monitoring the share market sentiments everyday but it has nothing to cheer about. Just only some new listing to lite up the share market interest. From my point of views it our Prime Minister "Dato Seri Najib Razak" still delaying the election date; then our share market momentum will stay stagnant till the end of the year.

Right now we can see our share market are moving in an opposite direction with so many low liners counters are not moving at all and even some them are creating new lows. For me it was an unfortunate that our Malaysian share markets have to behave like this. 

Coming this 13th General Election would play a very important role to determine where our share markets are heading to. If this coming election is being dragged till end of the year or the first quarter of 2013, then we would have to wait and suffer till the date of the election.   

Monday, June 4, 2012

French Submarines Diving Malaysia Into Deep Controversy - Press Conference

This is something very new and it is BAD for our country. We should analysed this Press Conference every inch of its statement as it would bring great disastrous to our share market if this statement really have few hidden agenda. The Press Conference was being held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

13th General Election - The Main Causes of Our Share Market to Suffer???

To the extent from this month movement, we can say that the FBM-KLCI still in their downtrend movement. As we can see there are more and more counters are creating new low. Lately we can monitor some of them have started to crawl up bit by bit. This is not an healty market at all. The reason behind this secenario was the uncertainties in European region and this upcoming 13th General Election that will be held this year.

But the main reason behind all these bad sentiments were the up coming 13th General Election. The longer our Government drag the up coming 13th General Election, our Malaysian share market will suffer the most. The Malaysian share market will suffer till the result of the up coming General Election is announce and who will lead the present Govenment.

There are so many uncertainites surrounding the Malaysia political enviroment with recently Bersih 3.0 was being held on 28.04.2012 and it has cause some few damages in term foriegn investors confidence. Not only the foriegn investors but it have also causes lots of cancellation tour in our toursim industries. 

The purpose of Bersih 3.0 and Lynas demo were good but if things were getting out of control then it will cause lots of damages. With so huge and big turnout on the street, I don't think so that the cabinet or the government of Malaysia can deny that this rally never took place. They will sure examine what are the clauses in Bersih 3.0 manifesto and try their best to retify it.

Bersih 3.0 are telling lots of people in Malaysia that they are going for a peaceful rally but in the end the outcome just the same as what has happen in other country as well. From a peaceful rally turn into street violence rally. We as an investors in Malaysia support peaceful rally and we are against any rally that turn into violence.

I do hope that the main organiser, Dato Ambiga will understand the situation and do hope she fight for a better future in our Malaysia  but not with the cooperation with any political parties in order to acheived their dirty goals in politics.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dow Jones Industrial Average Heading For Correction?

Does Malaysian share market still have any more chances to move on? I'm quite doubt about it as our sentiment were fill with full rumours and news that the next 13th General Election is around the corner. Basically if we examine the way our share market move, we have little chances hoping for survival.

The share market seems to be losing its momentum with most of major speculation counters are taking nap. This scenario has been going on for few weeks and it seems that most of the speculator player or investors are waiting for the next general election to hold before building any new portfolio. At these moments staying out from the Malaysian share market would be a wise decision as there was no new lead or good news to lead the share market.

As for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, we must be well position at the moments as we can notice that the Dow has just started to show more sign of weakening. Based on the chart wise, we can see that the Dow has recently performed a Triple Top. No doubt the Triple Top wasn't a big one but definitely it is telling us that the index is going for correction. As long as the Dow didn't break the 12,700 points, the index still consider safe. If breaks then we have to start the ALARM.

However it is still early to determine whether the world equities markets have ended their move. We still need more time to determine where the world equities markets are heading to? But we must always be careful when the month of May is reaching. Usually the month of May was not a good month at all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

FBM-KLCI Weakening. Sentiment like "Dead Fish"

Looking at the FBM-KLCI chart: No doubt the index has penetrated and making new high still we cannot treat it as good news. If we watch closely and monitor the whole market momentum in the process - our market just like a Dead Fish lying in the wet market.

Obviously it is quite disappointed the way our share market behaves and looking at the turnover or the transaction done, it was way below the share market expectation. The index is moving higher but the turnovers are getting lower and lower. This not a good sign. It shows that the Malaysian share market have no strength to move on.

Couple with Candlestick indicator that appears yesterday, it was a bad sign when they appear on top. Current sentiment is telling us to stay at the sidelines or stay away from this share market. For the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it appears that the Dow is showing some sign of weakening but it is still early to tell. From chart wise, I will share with you all in my next posting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Malaysian Share Market Still Looks Quiet?

Another week has pass by still the Malaysian share market looks very dull. Even though we can notice lots of third liner counters are moving in random but still it didn't help our share market to be more active. The trends have totally changed compared 2 months ago. Is this a good time to speculate right now with the 13th General Election just around the corner (end of May or early of June)?

Usually when there was General Election around the corner, the share market always looks quite active with most of the Government link counters moving or traded heavily but this time around it looks quite different from the past.

Yesterday night I was having a chit chat with one of my friends and we were talking about the upcoming General Election. Who will win the games and who will rules the country? Basically our conversation ended up with there might be some major set back in the upcoming General Election because we do believe that most of the youngsters will vote for the Pakatan Rakyat.

No matter who will win the games if there was an announcement that the Parliament is going to dissolve, it is advisable to stay out from the share market. For the index, as long as the FBM-KLCI still manage to stay above the 1,560.00 points level then we might consider that the index still in the safer zone.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Double Top For FBM-KLCI? Any Dangerous Sign???

Looking at our current market right now, it seems that we are having tumors in most of the counters. No doubt we can see the FBM-KLCI making new high for the past 2 to 3 weeks but most of the counters didn't show any sign or any strength to move. The share market still looks alive but too weak to move.

Looking at the share market transaction for the past 2 weeks, the transaction also declined rapidly with no more interest from speculator player to play with. With this kind of movement and transaction, it seem quite dangerous to play or to invest at these moments as we can see the FBM-KLCI is coming down from their recently high after creating DOUBLE TOP. At these moments it is important for the FBM-KLCI to hover around these level before attempting to make a new high and break the Double TOP.

If not this is not a good sign after recently reaching at high and performing DOUBLE TOP. Usually this kind of chart pattern looks quite bearish. Just becareful whenever we trade. If the overall share market turnover still below 2 billion, I don't think it is a good share market to trade with. The share market seems to be too quiet. Staying at the side line would the best choice. Right now we need a market leader in order to move the share market but we can't find one right now.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

FBM-KLCI Consolidating ???

These two days the Malaysian share market seems to be quiet. All the sudden most of the active shares has stop their momentum. The FBM-KLCI still look nice and it didn't show any sign of downturn but the candlestick show a bit sign of negative signal. Maybe heading for consolidation or maybe some correction.

Still it didn't means that the share market has ended its run. If we take a look on most of the speculation shares, it seems that most of the counters have started or heading for correction after recently run up. Some might even moving side way for consolidation. Hopefully most of the speculation counters are resting for a while before continuing another leg to move up.

At these moments, current share market turnover still consider normal with daily turnover still exceeded 2 billion shares traded. As usual the FBM-KLCI must not break the 1,530 points as this level would be consider their strongest support.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FBM-KLCI Attempting To Break All Time High ?????

We are entering in the year of Dragon but it seems that this Dragons were lack of powerful shots. No doubt we can see some trading opportunity each and every day with rotational movement, the firepower was not strong enough.

Looking at the current sentiment couple with the worldwide equities market movement, it looks like our share market still have more opportunity to trade with. Right now we are trying to move into Bulls Run with recently turnover created 2 billions to 4 billions share traded. But can we call it is a Bull Run?

Current sentiment looks very stable with trading opportunity still well pressured. Usually after Chinese New Year, the share market will move slightly higher before it losses its steam. Right now we will set 1,530 points as Main Supporting line with the Major Resistance line stand at all time high of 1,598 points. A break of that level will create a new high for the FBM-KLCI. We think that current government (Barisan Nasional) or 1Najib or 1Malaysia will try very hard to push the FMB-KLCI to break a new record high. This might be the last push before the next coming election set in around end of First quarters or Second quarters - mid of this year. Rumurs now running very high that the 13th General Election is very near now.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FBM KLCI Consolidating For Chinese New Year Holiday?

Happy New Year to all my readers. Sorry for not posting for quite sometimes due to my work load. Looking at yesterday share market momentum, we can notice that the current share market movement was a bit tired. If we check most of the share prices, we can see most of the counters which have been moving since last December 2011 until now are now moving down and making lower low from their previous low due to some profit taking or maybe ahead of Chinese New Year holidays.

Could we still have any chances for a pre-Chinese New Year rally? I'm doubt about it. Based on the chart reading we might be facing some consolidation move ahead of this CNY holidays but still we can see some rotational play among the penny stocks. Good and blue chips stock were not showing any more interest at these moments. Maybe after this Chinese New Year celebration.

Right now we still can see some of shares are moving especially any mother shares which was listed with any call-warrant listed together. These are the most potential play at this moment. There were so many shares which is listed with call-warrant are moving very fast with certain counters have the ability to achieve 30 to 60 percent premium on profit.

Those who dares to play the call-warrant will sure laugh all the way to the bank recently. But one thing we must remember that not all call-warrants are good play and indeed those who want to play must do some homework before decide to invest or speculate for any of these call-warrants. If we are not careful enough or if we are too greedy, we might fall into a big hole.

Looking at the FBM-KLCI movement at this moment, 1,500 points would stand as mild support at these moments but if the FBM-KLCI break this level than the next support level would be at 1,450 points. Current share market momentum still look nice and stable but we need to look at the overall world equities markets to guide us on the current sentiment.