Monday, September 8, 2008

Mahathir To The Rescue? Sure or Not? Malaysiakini.

When I surf the net just a while ago, I found out that there is a article (rumours) stated that Mahathir to Return to UMNO to Oust Pak Lah? This article was prepare by Khairul Hezry from

Nothing in Mahathir’s blog yet at the time of writing (2pm Monday) but can Mahathir apply for membership just like that?

Pak Lah is still president of UMNO and no matter how weak he is perceived to be, he still commands the party and no one would dare go against him if he decides Mahathir’s application for membership is to be rejected.

Okay, for the sake of argument let’s just say this rumour becomes true. Mahathir is back in UMNO. So what now? The blogger speculates that Mahathir will put his support on a possible Ku Li-Muhyiddin Yasin tag team to challenge Pak Lah and Najib.

Again the question remains, will anyone follow that old man? He went off in a huff and quit the party a few months ago and urged other UMNO members to do the same to protest Abdullah Badawi’s weak leadership.

Only his wife and his confidant Tan Sri Sanusi Junid followed him. Everyone else stayed put in the party. I bet that was embarrassing for him.

So now he is shamelessly “licking his own spittle” (from the Malay saying, “Menjilat ludah sendiri“) and wants to return to UMNO in order to get rid of the party president? And he expects the top guy to just sit quietly and allow his rivals to get the better of him? Seriously?

That’s why I think this rumour is just a rumour no matter how vehement the UMNO blogger claims it is true.

Until I hear confirmation from Mahathir himself, I’m going to regard this simply as the fantasies of an UMNO member clutching at straws for any piece of good news…no matter how improbable.


I think this is all rumours at the moment. If he coming back or not, it will not help much in our Malaysia Share Market.

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