Friday, September 12, 2008

Malaysiakini : Ahmad Ismail Consultancy and Motivation Sdn Bhd

After reviewing the press conference held by Datuk Ahmad Ismail, indeed he was a good consultant and a good motivator. But this time around the way he handle the press conference has catch me by surprised.

In my first impression I think he would behaved like the other press conference. This time around he teach us about history. How the former British government set the whole situation during that time.

Watch it, this is something we can learn from how a very powerful politician figure express his feeling and the words he use to comfort among all his supporters. He also mention that this is "NOT THE END OF THE WORLD."

(Sorry for all the readers who cannot understand the Malay languages because this press conference was held using Malay languages)

The way he praised, lambasted Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Khoon and GERAKAN party. The way he shows his sincerity towards UMNO. He also promised and mention that he will be back and his loves towards UMNO party (will not jump to any party because he LOVES UMNO so much).

I loves this guy when he use the Chinese slang to impress how Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Khoon make these issues bigger and not only that, he also mention previously he also study in Chinese school and he has an adopted son who is also from Chinese.

Anyway last week and this week, he was so famous that I have no choice but to vote him.... Datuk Ahmad Ismail............ is our.........

"MAN OF THE MONTH" (september)


Anonymous said...

His Indian heritage does helped him in talking rubblish.Only problem is that he think he is a Malay when he is not. He dare not even admit his own heritage , coming from India.
Will the real Malay or Bumiputera stands up and correct him ? Otherwise sooner or later, the whole Umno will be full of mamaks.

pendrive said...

Alahai Ahmad

nampak sangat ini semua drama politik sahaja. Rakyat dengarlah cara dia bercakap, dia mau semua melayu kemabli ke UMNO......

Bau belacanlah