Tuesday, March 15, 2016

KLCI Must Stay Above The 200 Days Moving Average.

Based on the Monday closing, the KLCI still stay above the 200 days moving average and still waiting for the 20 days moving average to catch up.
At these moments where the KLCI will be heading to ? As long as the KLCI managed to stay above the 200 days (1,670 points) we will still have some chances that the KLCI might be moving higher in near terms but we need more time to analysis the whole trend as well as the world equities market.
What do you think??? Do you all think that these markets will move higher??? At the moment the KLCI equities are not moving much. They seems to be laggard and moving side way.

Monday, March 7, 2016

KLCI Need To Stay Above 200 Days Moving Average.

Sometimes when we try to predict where the market is heading to based on the charting but out of sudden the world equities market take a turn and move upwards. At these moments the momentum looks so good with the blue chips counters mostly went up already.
As we can see from the chart, the KLCI has surpass the 200 days moving average with an average volume increased. As long as the KLCI manage to stay above the 200 days moving average there is still a chance for the KLCI to move higher but it is still too early to tell but if the KLCI close below the 200 days moving average, it would have a negative impact.
Well we still need more times and trading days to determine where the KLCI might be heading to but I'm still not really positive about out political situation in Malaysia with so many foreigner investors still stay away from Malaysia equities market.