Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
To All My Readers

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Momentum Getting Better And Better. Turnover Still Low.

We are already entering almost half month of December and we can see more promising activity happening in our share market especially some good environment surrounding the Malaysian equity market. Not every counter is moving but it might time for us to accumulate based on their recent activity.

Another 11 days before we celebrate Merry Christmas. Will the share market perform during these two weeks? It might be a quiet market ahead because of holiday but sometimes it is also quite hard to predict. From my point of view I would rather accumulate bit by bit unless we have some good news for our favourite counters.

Based on the chart wise, the FBM-KLCI didn't look that nice. According to the candlestick reading, it appears that there was a long black candlestick. This is not a good sign but we cannot take it as a bad omen that the share market has ended its move. Maybe the FBM-KLCI is still consolidating, waiting for an opportunity to appear.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Month - An Accumulation Month ???

FBM-KLCI still looks strong, volume and turnover is not improving. Some of the counters are creating new low, some even try to sustain at their very best level. Can we still trade at these moments ????? Looking at the sentiment right now, the Malaysian share market shows more improving momentum.

Although the sentiment is improving, as usual choosing a right counter would play an important role to determine whether we can really make some gains out of it. At these moments not every counter can moved like we use to see it in the month of October and November. The sentiment was dull at these moments and if we are not careful enough we might get burn as well.

Based on past historical data for the FBM-KLCI, the month of December always a quiet month and a consolidation month. Usually during this time around it is an opportunity to accumulate and wait for the right timing to happen (for the share market to move up). Basically the share market will only really move after New Year has arrived.

This was based on historical data but we cannot always based or rely on that data. Sometimes the share market can behave differently and anything can happen during this few weeks. From my point of view this month would be an accumulative month. We must have some patients and keep our eyes open all the time in order to monitor the share market movement.
*** Can It Be Head and Shoulder Formation ??? *** Watch the chart.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

FBM-KLCI Still In The Safe Zone ????

Well, it seems that the whole world equities market have ended their journey to the North poles. Recent activities around the world equities market are telling us that the correction is in the process. As we can see for the past two weeks the world equities market playing an important role to determine how the FBM-KLCI next course.

At these moments we can see that the FBM-KLCI have just started to move down (breaking the 1,500 points supporting level) and during this correction, an opportunity will arise. TECHNICAL REBOUND. How long our share market will hold? As long as the FBM-KLCI still can stand above 1,470 points and above, I would consider that the FBM-KLCI still in the safe zone but one thing that I dislike is the turnover over the FBM-KLCI have drop to about 1 billion shares a day. Prefer if can sustain at 1.5 billion shares and above would be great for the market.

Maybe it was consolidating. Trying to adjust its momentum towards the bad news that surrounding the Korean region and European financial problems. Basically there is no indicator that will tell us when the correction will over. So stay on until our FBM-KLCI show more promising sign provided that the world equities market still can coup up with any bad news that will occur.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Are The Bulls For The FBM-KLCI Is Resting ?

For the last two days the FBM-KLCI down about 35 points before recover back and lost about 24 points. It is quite obvious that the FBM-KLCI is going through a correction. At these moments will our share market heading further to the south ?????

No doubt the index might have some pullback due to some external sentiments (ie. china inflation fears), they tend to create more opportunity to buy at cheapest rate. For those who have lost their opportunity to trade recently, this would be the best time to bargain at lower price.

From my point of views, I don't think so that our share market will just ended their momentum at current level. From the overall performance our share market seems to have enough energy to go even higher. Candlestick indicator still looks not good enough. We must be careful all the time because any major reversal towards the world equities market, we might have the same impact as well.

Right now we still have enough opportunity to trade until there is an indicator or any major bad news that will overpower the uptrend. If the total volume or the turnover still stands about 1.4 billion to 1.8 billion a day, we need to put more attention on the stock broking company.

Hope for the best.

Friday, November 12, 2010

FBM-KLCI Must Maintain At 1,500 Points And Above?

Well it seems that our share market is heading for some small correction yesterday. Still if we look at the overall sentiment, the Malaysian share market still looks healthier. Some of the counters are moving up and some of them are consolidating.

Basically if we take a look at the charts of the FBM-KLCI at these moments, we are having bad Candlestick reading. Not a good sign but yet it still didn't pose any great danger.

Last week and this week we are having lots of chances and opportunity to play and to choose some selective counter. The sentiment was great but still we need to be sharp in monitoring the share market movement all the time. Right now the FBM-KLCI might be hovering or consolidate around 1,500 - 1530 points.

Usually whenever the index reaches its previous all time high, they need to take a break in order for the index to adjust either to move higher or to move lower. 1,500 points will be the first support for the FBM-KLCI. This support must stand in order for the FBM-KLCI to continue its uptrend movement.

Daily turnover or volume must increase to about 2 billion shares a day in order for the sentiment to create greater bulls. With the turnover maintain at 1.3 billion to 1.6 billion a day, it is still not enough to bring the whole sentiment to become super Bull Run.

Dow Jones Industrial Average needs to stay at 11,200 points and above in order for the bulls to survive or else it would poise some difficulty or a great danger to the world equity markets.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dow Jones Fighting Its Strongest Resistance Level?

Dow Jones Industrial Average has reaches it strongest resistance level of 11,200 points. This time around it is very important to monitor their movement.

Based on the chart indicators it seems that few of the indicators are showing some sign of divergence movement. For me this is not a good sign and we have to be a bit alert. Right now we can assume that the double top was in the making. If the Dow Jones Industrial Average can break their strongest resistance level, it will be a good sign.

How about the FBM-KLCI doing right now? Basically our share market looks quite strong and sometimes no matter how bad the Dow Jones performance is, the FBM-KLCI still managed to show some darling performance. At these moment if we still can make some profit out of this market but for me the volume or the turnover done still not up to my expectation of achieving 2 billions shares per day.

Most of the index link counters are not moving any where right now. Many of them are just hovering around. No doubt we are seeing some new high created every week for the FBM-KLCI but we can see that it is not an easy market to play with. For those who choose to play contra, they will face lots of difficulty because as we can see that many speculation counters are moving rotationally. Most of the time they are moving sector by sector (i.e finance, plantation, oil & gas, etc)

Playing contra will not generate more income because sometimes we win and sometimes we can lose also. Picking up shares will be a good idea to consider at these moments. Remember : any big changes from the Dow Jones will indicate that our technique of trade in Malaysian share market will have to change also (if the Dow Jones having a sharp falls)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dow Jones Is Reaching Near Their Strongest Resistance At 11,200 Points.

Well ..... the Malaysian share market (second and third liners) finally make its move this week. Overall the sentiment is getting better and better with the National budget announcement just around the corner. The second and the third liners are showing more progress as well with the blue chips shares are in the mode of consolidating.

Turnover or the volume done still looks not big enough. I was looking at around 2 billion shares traded for a day. With the big turnover done, we might have a big Bull Run around the corner. At these moments there isn't any major negative news might occur but a precautions measure needs to be implement towards the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

No doubt the Dow Jones Industrial Average looks very nice but their index is reaching near their strongest hurdle or resistance at 11,200 points. If the Dow Jones manage to cross over that level with huge turnover done then we might have Bullish sentiment around the world equities market. This might help the Malaysian share market to move and break the New All Time High of 1,524.69 points set in 14th January 2008.

If the Dow cannot break that level of 11,200 points then we have to use a different approach to trade with this share market. Hopefully the Dow Jones didn't create a Double Top as there are few indicators showing weakening sign. To cancel that weakening sign the Dow Jones must move higher and higher.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Market Total Turnover Still Not Enough. Lack Of Interest ??????

Well as we can see the Malaysian share market still looks very strong. Even though the index or the FBM-KLCI has consolidated, we still can see the overall share market sentiment still not in a bullish note yet. As long as the FBM-KLCI can stay above 1,441 points, we still have more opportunity to trade. A break from this level, we would have to reconsider our trading method.

VOLUME or the TURNOVER for the overall share market need to be increase in order for the whole sentiments to pick up what has been left out when the FBM-KLCI power up their move for the past few weeks back. With the total volume and the turnover done right now, it shows that our share market was lack of interest from most of the players.

A Billion turnover or volume done still didn't picture that the Malaysian share market was a good market to trade with. We might make some gains out of it but the gains were minimal. For those who manage to hold on to their shares, they are the one who can really make the profit out of it but remember, not every counter is moving up.

If we look closely, some of the counters still moving downtrend even though our FBM-KLCI is moving upwards - the technology stocks were moving against the trend (uptrend). Choosing a right counter will still poised a very important element to survive.

At this moment I like UEMLAND and MRCB as they have the potential to become our new leader in order to bring the whole sentiment and turn the whole share market sentiment into a bullish environment.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Volume Must Build Up. Potential Lying Ahead For Speculation Counters?

Still the same old story. Since my last posting, everything still remains the same. Nothing much to talk about as we can see the FBM-KLCI still looks very strong. Volume and turnover have done still remain the same through out the period. Around 800 million to 1.1 billion shares traded.

With this kind of low volume, we need to wait for the volume to build up, then only we will have more chances to trade the speculation counters. Today (22.09.20100) the turnover for half day reaches about 790 million and it is a good sign. If the turnover can reaches about 2 billion a day, it would be great. Then only we might have a pure BULL RUN.

If we check it deeply, it seems that there are so many counters started to show more positive sign. I don't know whether the time has arrived but from my monitoring, it seems that we will more opportunity lying ahead. The volume or the turnover is getting better and better. Most of the speculation counters are showing more potential to move higher.

I won't be surprised maybe this time around some may even laugh all the way to the bank because there are still many potential counters didn't make their move yet. Please pay an extra attention and watch the whole momentum this week, we might have large bandwagon waiting for us and the bandwagon are heading to the North. Hope for the BEST ................ Happy Trading ............

Monday, September 13, 2010

FBM-KLCI Move Like Bullet Trains. Nothing Can STOP Them.

This is something I have never seen before. From my past experience I saw before how the FBM-KLCI move in tandem with all the movement made by individual counters (second and third liners). Most of them are moving accordingly with the FBM-KLCI movement. But if we check their movement right now, we are seeing the movement only just concentrate on the index link counters and some blue chips counters.

I was wondering whether will there be a day where by when the FBM-KLCI stop its movement and hovering on its top, most of the second and the third liners will started to move by themselves? Hoping for them to start their engine and run by itself is just a hope only. What we can do right now is to search some potential counters, if we lucky enough then we would be able to make some gains. Remember, not every counter will move.

If we check the strength of the FBM-KLCI at these moments, it seems that there is no bad news and nothing can stop the index from reaching their highest point of all time high at 1,524.69 points set on 14/01/2008. We might have a chance to see a new high in the process for the FBM-KLCI.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Same Old Story - FBM-KLCI At New High. Sentiments Still Not Good.

We are entering in the month of September. As we can see the world equities market are showing more sign of weakening for the last two weeks but it didn't happen to our Malaysia FBM-KLCI. The FBM-KLCI index shoots up to close at new high and become the Big Boss around the Asian region. How it happen ?????? I don't what really happen to our government policies right now. Maybe the fund managers might have some of tips from the government ......

Frankly I didn't find it very interesting or having any temptation or feeling of buying shares right now because we might be heading for a time bomb that is tickling waiting for it to be exploded. I will change my mind if the overall sentiments move accordingly.

Looking at the whole sentiment, the momentum is not right at all. The blue chips or the index link counters are been push up but the overall shares performance didn't follow the sentiment at all.

Turnover done for daily transaction shows that it is still well below the 1 billion shares. No volume to support the big run. It seems that we might be having an artificial market fundamental because we are not following most of the world equities performance. Maybe our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has something special inside his mind that he try to make our share market looks good before another election being called?

A check on the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance, their share market now is entering into a correction mode. Most of the world equities markets are tracking the DJIA performance right now. As long their index can stay above the 9,900 points then it will not post any great danger.

Recently when I was searching for some articles and I found out that there is still some analysts mention that the DJIA is performing a Head and Shoulder pattern but it is still early to make this kind of call. Whether this pattern will happen or not, we still need more time to monitor the performance of the DJIA. My call at these moments, I will stay out for a while because I don't know how to catch this funny and interesting Luxury Band Wagon or the index link counters that are heading to the North.

Friday, August 20, 2010

FBM-KLCI Create New High, Speculation Counters Cannot Perform?

Walah .... the FBM-KLCI hit new high. A high that most of us didn't anticipate that it would happen with the total overall turnover done just around 1 billion shares traded. Usually when a new high was in the making, most of the second and the third liners will move accordingly.

What we can see from here, it didn't happen in our Malaysian share market. The sentiment didn't show that we are in the Bull run. Frankly I really don't know why our share market behaves like this and I also don't like the way our Malaysian share market movement (pushing most of the blue chips up) because when our share market make a U-turn .... for sure we will have to bear some losses.

Currently we can see some inconsistent move by most of the speculation counters. There are no significant leaders that can emerge and guide most of the speculation counters to move higher. Looking at chart, most of the speculation counters are moving sideways. At these moments we just have to wait for miracle thing to happen.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Can The FBM-KLCI Continuing Their Uptrend Journey?

FBM-KLCI did something fantastic on last Friday trading. Based on the candlestick pattern the FBM-KLCI turn into a bit bullish. Yet ... in order for the FBM-KLCI to confirm their continuation uptrend, the index have to cross their previous high of 1,370 points.

Strong supporting level still stands at 1,348 points. A breach of this point will bring the share market to move further lower to find another support. Can the FBM-KLCI still manage to continue their journey?

One thing for sure, no doubt we are seeing some positive sign with the FBM-KLCI still have the ability to stay at high but not every counter is moving accordingly. Only certain sectors are moving and for those who really playing for speculation (no contra), they are the one who can really making some return.

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average went into a correction mode right now, we have to be careful whenever we want to choose good counters to play with. Hopefully the pullback from the DJIA was not that bad, maybe just a profit taking after recently huge run-up. The next supporting level for the DJIA now standing at 10,100 points.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FBM-KLCI Might Be Consolidate In Near Terms?

It has been a while if we really examine the share market movement, how many of us can really make some gains from the share market. Is not an easy share market to play with although we can see the FBM-KLCI still stand at high level. For those who really watch the movement everyday, they are the one who can really make some. Searching for the right counters still play an important element as we can see not every counter is moving.

As we can see this is not a bull run in the making. Looking at the FBM-KLCI right now, the index is now moving side way and if we take a closer look on the FBM-KLCI, the index show more negative sign. Sign of weakening because there were so many black candlesticks appear around these last few trading days.

In terms of Candlestick study, more blacker candlesticks appear shows that the share market maybe consolidate at these moments. How the share market likely to fare this coming week? From my point of view if we take a look on how the individual counter fares these few days, my suggestion would be stay out for a while because the momentum right now shows more weakening sign rather than showing more opportunity lying ahead.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Strong Support At 1,348 Points For FBM-KLCI.

It has been a week and we can notice that this is not an easy market to play along. For those who always followed the share market movement, they would have an opportunity to make some profit.

No doubts our share market performance is going up bit by bit with the FBM-KLCI creating new high but overall performance still didn't confirm that a bull market is coming. For me it is not an easy market to trade with. Patients will play an important role to determine whether we can will these battles.

Total turnover done these few days still consider on average. Looking at the charts, 1,348 points would be considered as their main strong support. A breach of this level will bring the share market momentum to a pause.

From my point of view our share market performance still need to reconsider how the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance as the DJIA still didn't post any positive sign that their trend is turning to an uptrend. We need few more days in order to exam where the DJIA current trend is heading to.

Monday, July 26, 2010

FBM-KLCI At New High. Still Have More Rooms To Move On?

It has been a while I didn't post any article on Malaysian share market. For the past two weeks, I have been monitoring the performance on the Malaysian share market and I would like to share it with my readers. Looking at current Malaysian equity market, most of them perform quite nicely and some even climb to make a new high.

The FBM-KLCI major resistance of 1,348 points was easily crossover without any hurdle with a bit of volume to support the current movement. The FBM-KLCI now closed at 1,351.82 points, just a diferent of about 2 points from previous high of 1,349.92 points set in 04/05/2010.

I don't know how strong the FBM-KLCI is going to be but it seems that current sentiment suggested that the FBM-KLCI still have some potential to move higher but at this point, the FBM-KLCI might take a pause or to readjust their current running after hitting new high.

At these moments I won't call it that the Malaysian share market is in the Bull Run because current sentiment still suggested that there was not many speculation players inside and the current environment also suggested that it was not an easy market to make some return.

We can make some profit but we must know how to choose the right counters in order to make some return. Searching for a right counter need lots of attention and patient because not every counters are moving. Don't forget to watch how the Dow Jones Industrial Average movement because the DJIA still play an important role to determine the world equities market performance.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Death Cross For Dow Jones Industrial Average. Becareful.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa has ended. Now it is the best time to pour our attention towards the Malaysia equity market. How our Malaysia share market fare lately? It seems that there are so many counters started to move bit by bit but how strong our share market will move in tandem with the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

At these moments, I'm still quiet queerest whether we are really moving up according to the fundamentals? As they use to said, when the World Cup has ended, the share market would start to move higher. Can we use this statement?

Basically according to overall charts suggested that the FBM-KLCI was moving higher and higher but not every counters were moving accordingly with the index. Total turnover done for the Malaysia share market also stands at low. Right now we cannot assume that this is a Bull Run in the making.

No doubt we are seeing some healthy sign ahead, choosing a right and perfect counter would determine our gains. Again I would like to cautious everyone about the Dow Jones Industrial Average movement. Right now we can see that the DJIA is performing quite well but based on some few analysts projection, we are facing quite a dangerous situation. How bad is that situation? (bear in mind it will takes times for this thing to happen - downtrend) Please read this article to gain more knowledge about the DEATH CROSS
. An Analysis of the Death Cross Sell Signal.

Technical analysis, a Death Cross occurs when the 50-day moving average of an index, or stock, moves below its 200-day moving average (50-day moving average meet or cross the 200-day moving average). It may sound complex, but what a cross means is that recent average price of stocks has fallen below its long-term average.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dow Jones Industrial Average Forming Head And Shoulder ???

Looking at the Malaysian share market performance right now, it seems that we are moving side way with no new interesting news occur. Basically they always move this way during the on going world cup fewer. To judge how the overall Malaysian share market performance, we have to study the U.S equity market first.

If we take a look on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) movement at this moment, things don't look quite positive if we study their chart.

Since the previous high of 11,200 points (set in end of April), the DJIA is experiencing some downturn and yesterday the index climb higher after down for few days already. Can we consider if there is some opportunity ahead in the world equities markets? At these moments I'm still doubt about it whether there is still an opportunity lying ahead. We just have to watch how the DJIA is going to fare these few days.

Looking at the DJIA chart, can you find any HEAD and SHOULDER in the making ????? I don't know whether they are forming the Head and Shoulder pattern. But if the formation was really a Head and Shoulder then it would be a very bad indicator for the overall world equities markets. We just have to be EXTRA careful on this matter. Head and Shoulder formation on the top is very very BEARISH indicator !!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quiet Market Ahead For The World Equities Market ????

Dow Jones Industrial Average is not doing well at this moment. Malaysia share market is not moving anywhere also. Shanghai Stock Exchange drop sharply yesterday -4.3%. Current sentiment is telling us that we still have to wait for more stability in the overall world equities market.

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average showing more weaknesses rather than healthier sign, we should be staying out for a while and watch how our share market is going to react against current situation.

With the on going 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, sentiment still looks a bit quiet with most of the share market player still pay more attention towards this world prestigious football. Everyone is talking about football but less people are talking about share market.

Right now I don't have any comments towards the FBM-KLCI movement because I didn't foreseen any interesting indicator that will lead the share market to move higher but if we take a look for the past 2 to 3 weeks share market movement, we can notice that the share market has been moving up for quiet some time. Maybe it is time for them to take a pause .....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday's Sell-Off: Bad News for Bulls - Dow Jones Industrial Average

After some constructive base building the last couple of weeks, the market failed an important test at its 50 day moving average. Unfortunately the market also failed at its 50 day moving averages back in mid May, setting up a test of the February lows. Since that rebuff, all three of the major indices have fallen below their 200 day moving averages, signaling a change in control from the bulls back to the bears.

It is a widely held notion that previous support becomes resistance. Last week the 200 day moving averages acted as a floor for the markets. Now it is likely that those averages will act as a ceiling that will be difficult for the markets to go above.

Obviously the 50 day moving averages have been impenetrable the last couple of months as well. Last Monday’s price action, when the bulls failed to seize the opportunity to rise above their 50 day moving averages on the heels of the most positive news of the month, raised the warning flags.

Both technical and fundamental analysis demonstrates a market rally that is broken and the odds now favor another retest of the S&P 1040 level. With the 50 day moving in the direction of forming a death cross under the 200 day moving average on all the major indices, it is quite possible that the markets will decline back down to 1040 and 2139 for the S&P and NASDAQ respectively. Should those levels be breached, a plunge down to 875 – 950 on the S&P witnessed last June and July, will most likely be targeted.

With the price of gold touching an all time high of $1260 per ounce in the past week, it is another of those flashing red lights that says all is not well with our economy. There is much discussion whether this price rise is signaling inflation or that global fiat currencies are collapsing, or perhaps a combination of both events. It must be stated that the price of gold has quadrupled over the past ten years, while the S&P 500 has remained basically flat.

Recall that one is just metal removed from the earth and the other is a reflection of the aggregate value of the largest 500 companies (employers) in America. This has created one of the most difficult investment environments witnessed in several generations.

Much of the economic data recently has been negative. The housing and mortgage figures appear to be predicting another leg down for real estate. The jobs picture is not improving either. This is not an environment where one should expect to be able to buy and hold. While I remain long term optimistic, in the short run there are too many obstacles that could result in a significant price decline to ignore. We remain in a short term complicated trading environment for now.

Article from Seeking Alpha

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1,300 Points Still Stand As The Main Support For FBM-KLCI.

Waalahhh ...... the world equities market are moving higher and higher. I was in China for about a week and I don't have the opportunity to monitor the overall Malaysian share market movement.

Looking at recently huge movement, I was wondering whether the Malaysian share market was able to penetrate their strongest resistance level at 1,350 points. At these moments we might see some profit taking activities after recently upwards movement.

Overall volume or turnover done still didn't support that the bulls are coming but the good thing is the FBM-KLCI was able to stay above the 1,300 points. As long as this level was not broken then we might have some opportunity to search for any good counters to invest.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Can The Dow Jones Industrial Average Move Higher ?

The World Cup has just started. Just a very good weekend to watch some of these good games. At these moments the World Cup games is going on now, can we start to accumulate right now or stay at the sideline? For me I will prefer another week or two to determine whether it is a good time to go in or not.

Well let us see how our share market will fares this week? Basically if we take a look on the condition of the share market right now, they seem to be moving quite fairly. Move up bit by bit but lack of volumes to support their movement.

Looking at the FBM-KLCI, the index is touching at their resistance level, so we have to take a look on how the index is going to move this week. Whether they can move higher or make a consolidation move, it is important to monitor the index closely?

Without the volume to support the overall market turnover, we need more time to watch and to determine whether the share market can really sustain their movement right now? Judging from the overall performance of the world equities market movement, they look a bit stable but the European region financial crisis still far from over.

We have to be careful all the time. Lately there is an article who outline a few reasons why the Dow could charge higher and once again approach the level where the Dow started out 2010 (click to read). Whether this statement can be use as a guidance for us to trade, we have to judge it accordingly. For overall world equities performance, I still prefer the Dow Jones Industrial Average to perform in order for the share market to move higher.
++ Will not be around - went to China on 13th June ++

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Accumulate During World Cup Games Going On????

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is going to start tomorrow. I think we will be very busy watching Live World Cup matches every night. The games will run for a month but the world equities market might be experiencing some quite movement ahead. Maybe some consolidation moves.

Based on previous historical data - Sell Before World Cup Start, Accumulate During The World Cup Games Going On and Hold After The World Cup End. Can we use this statement to determine whether there would be an opportunity? We have judge it nicely. For me I have no idea at all ......

Basically we have to look on the overall basis on what had happened to the world equities market right now. Was it stable enough for us to go in? At these moments it is quite hard to determine whether it was a right time to accumulate when the World Cup started.

Financial crisis in the European region still look shaky. If we are not careful enough, we might get burn as well. For the FBM-KLCI movement, I don't have any comments on it because their movements didn't really picture the whole sentiments.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Malaysia Flag Was Raising Half Pole And Upside Down?

This is very bad. What has happened anyway? This picture was taken on 5th June, 2010 during the Birthday of Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. What a shocking!!!

As we can see the flag was raise at half pole only and it was upside down. Being a collation of the Selangor state government (Pakatan Rakyat), it is an unacceptable way to respect our country.

As a service center for a town called "Pandamaran" putting up a flag upside down is showing that they didn't respect their country at all. As a representative and a Adun or Yang Berhormat he should have taken notice on that matters. This is embarrassing.

I still can remember when there was a blogger by the name of KICKdeFELLA. He was been jailed for few days for putting up the Malaysian flag upside down. He spent 4 days and 3 nights inside the jail.

Why was he being jailed ??? Here are some of his article that appear in his blog.

Nation In Distress (Article appear on August 2008)

Dear proud Malaysians,

No way we are going to raise the white flag, which is the symbol of surrender. We are raising our flag upside down because it is a sign of our nation is in distress.

It is not UMNO or BN who are in distress. UMNO is as bubbly as ever doing what ever their leaders know best for the country and BN as happy as ever playing supporting role to those UMNO leaders.

It is not the opposition parties who are in distress, they never been in a better state than they are now, governing five states and denying a two-third majority for BN in the Dewan Rakyat for the first time.

But it is the nation who is in distress. We are facing economic uncertainty and the citizens are facing all sorts of difficulties facing it. We are losing our competitive edge and we are losing our territories too.

It is sad to see our beloved Jalur Gemilang, the symbol of our Nation and its sovereignty flying upside down. I had anticipated the anger by my fellow countrymen watching our flag being raised upside down. It is internationally accepted that raising the flag upside down is a mark of state of distress. It is never a mark of disrespect.

I hope we can sway all the anger into trying to turn the situation so we can see our Jalur Gemilang flying high in the right way again.

But until we can do something about it, the reality is, our nation is in disarray. Let us not live in hypocrisy. Let us stare at the upside down Jalur Gemilang and let the reality strike us once and for all. If we do not join hand in hand in trying to make the politicians understand how we feel then how on earth can we blame them for saying they are doing what they think is best for us and the nation.

I do not ask you to take your protest to the street, I do not ask you to let your frustration kills the nation, I do not ask you to unleash you anger so it can burn down any chance of unification. But I beg you not to wait until we have to raise the white flag for our survival.

"Biar Putih Tulang, Jangan Putih Mata”.

Again I repeat, if you have a reason to disagree with the manner the country is heading, then you have a cause.

Raise your flag upside down and let those who can make the different know that this nation is indeed in distress.

However, you may not have the reason to listen to me, so why not you listen to what other fellow Malaysian has to say,

Hungary - Second Wave Of Financial Crisis Have Just Started ?

Last Friday the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbles -323.31 points to close at 9,931.97 points. Looking at the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it looks quite dangerous at these moments. With the on going financial crisis already hitting the European region and all the sudden Hungary also facing the same crisis, well it seems that the second wave has just begun.

Last week, fears that the debt crisis could migrate to central Europe were stirred Friday after a senior Hungarian government official said the previous government had manipulated budget figures and lied about the state of the economy.

Hungary is among the countries in Eastern Europe hardest hit by the international financial crisis. In late 2008 it was forced to approach the International Monetary Fund for $25 billion in emergency financing

Well what really happens in Hungary was a domino effect around that region. If this statement by one of its senior Hungarian government official was true, the domino effect will keep on continue towards other country.

With this kind of situation, what should we do right now? Just monitor how the European equities and the DJIA performance. They are going to decide how the global equities market going to perform.

This week should be a week for us to cool down and relax. Watch 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and monitor how our Malaysian shares market reaction towards the world equities performance. Right now I have no comments on our Malaysian share market performance as we all can see last week was a technical rebound. Selling on the run was a right decision after all. This week we will monitor the momentum of the FBM-KLCI.

Right now I will be waiting for any opportunity arises. In a downtrend market you tend to lose more rather you can win a lot. So keeping more bullets is much more better as we can shoot anytime when the opportunity arise.

Anyway just watch this video clip to make our self relax and I will guarantee you that you will laugh all the way ......... but ....sorry it was in Malay languages. The title of this video clip called " DUIT KECIL ". Any comments on this video clip .... please give a comment ....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Any More Rooms For FBM-KLCI To Move Towards South Pole?

Looking at current condition right now, where our Malaysian share market is heading right now? Frankly from this stage I have no idea where the share market is going to head to? If we take a look on the chart, we still have more rooms to head further to the South. How far the South Pole will be? I think it is better for us to be a trend follower rather than become a trend predictor.

When the bandwagon is coming down from the hill, we just have to follow. The whole scenario and the momentum at these moments didn't favour us at all. If we take a look on the FBM-KLCI chart: since March 2009 when the index touches the low of 836.51 points and climb all the way to create new high at 1,349.92 points in the early May, our index has gone up about 513.41 point (has gone up about 14 months).

At 1,280 points, our index just down about -65 points from its previous high. Can we consider that the FBM-KLCI has already finished its correction? We just have to wait and see how the FMB-KLCI is going to makes its move. World equities market still looks unstable and it is still not safe to make any wise decision to hold or to speculate at these moments.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Selling On The Run. Quiet Market Ahead?

Writing an article or sharing our point of view regarding about the Malaysian share market, it is not an easy thing to pen down all the time. Every time when I want to write some article about the performance of the Malaysian share market, I have to choose the word nicely before I can put it on the blog.

Sometimes our comment also can easily make people feel a bit angry but some would appreciate it. For those who understand the share market very well, they would understand what I'm trying to write all the time. I have been involved in the share market since my first purchase during 1987 World Stock Markets Crash (Black Monday). I have learned a lot but still the mistake would eventually come and go. It is just that how well our patients and our actions will be (making a decision), it will determine whether we can win more or lose more.

Few of my articles lately argue quite well the behavior of our Malaysian share market movement and indeed it did help me a lot in terms of my speculation strategies. Those who choose to follow will benefit from it. I have been studying and watching the movement on our FBM-KLCI since 1995 until now. They always tend to move the same way all the time. Once there is a panic selling .... opportunity arise.

Well let us talk about where our index is heading to next? FBM-KLCI has gone up last Thursday after experiencing some huge sell off on Tuesday (25.04.2010). Last week on Thursday (20.05.2010) inside my article FBM-KLCI Down -21.94 Points. An Opportunity? I did mention that "any technical rebound play would only be considered once we have some huge panic selling activities all over our share market" and they really happened on Tuesday.

Last Monday (24.05.2010) my article "Technical Rebound Around The Corner" did mention that this week we can expect some technical rebound ahead. Inside my article I did mention that "any more sharps falls will be dealt as an opportunity to accumulate".

As I have mention Tuesday turnover and Wednesday turnover done was an opportunity to Catch A Falling Knife. For those who has accumulated the shares, they were smiling all their way until late Thursday where by our FBM-KLCI went up +20 points to close higher (technical rebound).

Right now, we still have to apply the same strategies " SELLING ON THE RUN ". For those who have accumulated the shares on Tuesday and Wednesday, they need to unload their shares as the world equities market still shows no sign of stabilizing. With the North and South Korean issue, PIIGS (European financial crisis), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suing Goldman Sach and the 2010 World Cup South Africa around the corner, the world equities markets might experiencing some zig-zag or a quiet movement ahead. There are so many bad news ahead and I'm expecting the FBM-KLCI will follow the same way.

From now on, we still need to monitor how the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the world equities market performance. Their movement will decide whether we still have more rooms or more opportunity ahead? No doubt they seem to be heading for downtrend channel still we need to open our eyes and look for more opportunity ahead.

Whether there would be another opportunity to Catch A Falling Knife, we will have to wait because catching a falling knife don't always happen all the time. They only happen when there is a PANIC BUTTON being press (Sell Off).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catching A Falling Knife?

Yesterday the Malaysian share market experiencing some heavy selling with the FBM-KLCI down another -23 points. This time I was not around to watch how they drop because I was in Pulau Redang, Terengganu but basically I like the way its drop because with this kind of drop we have more chances to look for more opportunity around the corner (technical rebound).

Yesterday and today movement I would rate it as CATCHING A FALLING KNIFE. Those who dare to catch a falling knife would eventually make some but it would be quite hard to choose which counters?

Why it is a good time? FBM-KLCI has dropped nearly -100 points from its previous high and share market don't always go down all the time, they must climb up a bit. For the last few days our market has drop quite hard with most of the counters recorded double digit losses.

Whether today evening or tomorrow, we might see more green ahead but I don't know whether it will happen or not? It is just that the share market need to make some adjustment (going up) before the next wave coming in. I'm just sharing what is in my mind and we cannot take it as it will happen. I might be wrong. We have to decide and to make our own decision whether today is the right timing to do so (accumulate for technical rebound).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Technical Rebound Around The Corner?

To be frank looking at the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, I would expect that the DJIA might have started the downtrend move. How long the downtrend would be? Sometimes a downtrend can go for few week or maybe for few month. Right now I don't have any answer for it because during a downtrend being perform it is hardly to determine and to understand where the index are heading to.

Looking at the share prices right now and the overall last Friday closing (Malaysian share market), its looks a bit tempting as most of the share prices has come down and most of them are in oversold position.

I think this week we might have some technical rebounds but it won't be overall counters that are going to move up. It will be selective; counters which have experience some sharp falls recently.

FBM-KLCI has drop about -65 points from its previous high and we can expect some technical rebound ahead. When the index will climb? We have judge it by our monitoring. Any more sharp falls will be dealt as an opportunity to accumulate. RSI (Relative Strength Index) currently in oversold position.

To determine whether we still have some chances this coming weeks, it would depends on how the DJIA and the world equities market performance. Basically it is still not safe enough to invest or to speculate at these moments. Things still looks not safe enough or I can say we are being surrounding by lots of fire burning. Anytime we can get burn. If we are not careful enough, the burn will even hurt us until the bone.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

FBM-KLCI Down -21.94 Points. An Opportunity?

Well, well, well I didn’t expect that the FBM-KLCI to make a sharp fall yesterday. The FBM-KLCI was down -21.94 points to close at 1,308.23 points. All the while the index has been quite supportive, standing tall and we can’t even expect any major falls that would happen as the FBM-KLCI seems to be control by the government funds.

Yesterday they can’t even hold on that level any more. They need to respect the world equities market performance and their momentum. No matter how long or how strong we are the forces that beyond our control need to be released. The government should let the markets moves freely.

Yesterday we can see some panic selling and some sell down happen in our market. Now the question is? Can we buy right now for another technical rebound? When the technical rebound will happen? Can the share prices move down some more?

Basically looking at the world equities markets performance right now, it is quite dangerous to go in. Any technical rebound play would only be considered once we have some huge panic selling activities all over our share market. During that time we can only consider to speculate because the Reward or the Return will be greater than the Risk.

At these moments we might have some opportunities ahead with one or two counters but it is not easy to find one. I would prefer to hold more cash rather than going in (speculate counters) right now because the world equities market still not stablized yet. The European region still have lots of holes need to be cover up and to patch on.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lack Of Interest. World Equities Markets In The Correction Process?

Like it or not, right now we are facing some negative impact from the financial crisis occur in the European region. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been decline for few days and the index has also broken the important level of 10,700 points.

Although we are seeing some continuing selling pressure from the world equities markets, yet our control Malaysian share market still stand tall. This is not a good sign and it shows that the Malaysian share market is not really following the world fundamentals. I won't be surprise if the FBM-KLCI break the 1,300 points.

Technical rebound already finish and right now would be the time to study the share market movement. We are not going to experience a huge fall but rather a bit by bit fall. A bit by bit that will bite us until we didn't realize that most of our holdings have created big holes (losses).

Looking at the current share market performance, it seems that we are facing lack of interest from among the players. Last few of my articles supported me well in terms of my suggestion what we would be facing in the near terms. Right now staying away from the share market would be the best strategies to adopt rather than searching for opportunities because the world equities markets still look unstable.
Most of the world equities markets are experiencing some correction process and this correction looks quite dangerous in the near terms and we must be careful all the time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why The Greek Financial Crisis Matters To Us

For the past several days, even casual observers of current events will have heard about the riots occurring in the streets of Greece. Greece is effectively bankrupt and the massive austerity measures being imposed are likely to inflict significant economic damage.

There is no doubt that the Greek crisis will have an effect upon our economy. California and other states, face many of the same economic challenges, which could mean that the problems that face Greece could very well be heading our way. If nothing else, the near 1,000 point intra-day drop in the U.S. stock market demonstrates nervousness in the markets as well as the strong link between what's happening in Greece and the rest of the world.

But stock market volatility is only a symptom of a much larger set of forces. First, there is the fact that just behind Greece awaits several other European countries in equally fragile predicaments. Collectively they are now being referred to as the PIIGS, which stands for Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. Even if the European Central Bank can bail out Greece, there's no way it can also shoulder the load for the other, much larger countries.

Secondly, these events demonstrate that the PIIGS, along with other developed nations, have been borrowing beyond their means. Just as the U.S. banks discovered, too much debt is as dangerous. Their situation is made worse by the fact that they have exploded their national debt in order to prop up their banks and their floundering economies.

Third, the value of the common European currency, the Euro, is crashing and probably will not survive very long — certainly not in its current state. A bad case of financial chaos may very well be the dominant situation in Europe. That would have the effect of making their goods much more competitive than American goods, thus threatening to forestall the U.S. economic recovery.

Fourth, these events are reminding everyone that the financial crisis is hardly over. We are now facing a contagious global sovereign debt crisis, which is feeding a massive case market anxiety around the world.

Nobody can say with certainty that we fully understand all the remaining risks. There is still the possibility of more unpleasant surprises ahead. If anything, this crisis is showing how fragile the world economy remains, while underscoring what many people have not focused on.

The financial crisis of 2008 was not caused by just a single event like the subprime mortgage markets, Wall Street abuses, or regulatory failures, or thirty years of poor economic policies in the U.S. and abroad. We are facing the perfect storm of financial upheaval around the world caused by all of these and other forces.

Most of all, Greece matters to us because America is on a similar economic and financial path. Imagine the reaction if Washington announced sharp cuts in government programs including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and or cuts in the salaries, benefits and pensions of federal government workers. Imagine the reaction if the rest of the world stopped buying our national debt and if the Treasury Department was forced to dramatically increase interest rates, thereby making our debt burden unsupportable.

It is astonishing that Washington is now adding on new entitlement programs, just as the European social welfare model is collapsing. If we stay on the course we're presently on, we may very well be forced to endure some of the same measures that Greece is now taking. We need to balance the budget by cutting government spending and growing the economy. We can do it now, in an orderly manner or later in a panic. But we will ultimately have to do it.

There is some cause for optimism, since the US has strengths and flexibilities that Greece does not and there is enough time for us to correct the current course. If we wake up to this reality now, we can avert the worst of it. But, if we do not see the writing on the wall and respond appropriately, all bets are off.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Selling On The Run ? Was It A Correct Decision?

These two weeks will determine exactly where our world equities markets are heading to? It is very important to examine these few weeks movement because we will find out whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is going for consolidation, uptrend or a downtrend move.

Two weeks from now the DJIA (must not break 10,700 points) will give us a clearer picture as to where our investment must continue on. Whether we can still keep on continuing investing in the shares market or we must hold and wait for more opportunities ahead. At these moments holding lots of cash will be consider as the KING of everything.

Patients will play an important role to determine whether we have the advantages to win and strike more. Having a gun and simply open fire will only wasted our bullets but if we patients enough and aim the target perfectly, the rewards will naturally run in for us.

At these moments our Malaysian share market is experiencing some technical rebound and as usual SELLING ON THE RUN would be the best strategies right now. I’m not trying to be negative but to be more cautious against the current European financial crisis. Whether it was a correct decision or not, we have to judge it nicely. For me I don't like the current scenario in the European region. It looks quite tricky .............

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sell On The Run. Share Market Might Not Stay Longer Enough?

Last week we have experiencing quite a drastic move from the world equities market and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Both market have tumble quite lots with the DJIA experiencing at one time DROP of 1,000 points in just 5 minutes. Looking at this scenario, we can say that the DJIA is heading for a correction. A correction that I have been expecting all the while but I didn’t expect it to be so drastic.

Yesterday as we can see, the Malaysian share market has started to rebound after most of the counters have experiencing some downfall recently. I’m not talking about the performance of FBM-KLCI as the FBM-KLCI didn’t represent our whole market true picture compare to other regional markets around the world. I’m talking about the overall Malaysian share market performance.

Overall counters have started to rebound but for how long the rebound will be? From my judgement; I would expect the technical rebound will last in few days but this will based on how the DJIA and the world equities performance. Looking at the rebounds today, I would rather say the rebounds that are happening were just a technical rebound and it won’t last long.

It is true we are seeing that the whole world equities markets are power up just like super Bull Run but for how long? Don’t get caught by this huge rebound. It might be a Big Bull Trap. A trap that might hurt us even deeper.

We have to be careful because after this technical rebound, it would eventually bring down the share market movement and the prices will eventually move lower. Why? The overall sentiment was hurt by the crisis in PIGS country and one thing for sure this is just a beginning. Basically whenever the share market been hurt by the drastic fall down, it would take some time to heal the wound. But I’m doubt that the wound would be heal on fastest phase.

I might be wrong in the whole process but we have to be extra careful. My comment was based on my 15 years experience in watching how the whole markets behave. As I have mention, this comment was just totally my point view and we cannot take it that this outlook will happen. You have to judge it deeply.

No one is great and no one is clever, only the smart one will win the last battle.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Seems That The Bears Are Controlling The Bulls Right Now.

Basically Selling In May And Go Away seems to be argue quite well at these moments. Looking at the overall Malaysian share market momentum and the world equities performance, it seems that we are entering into a correction mode. I don't think current momentum was a profit taking activities but rather a real correction coming in.

Whether how long the correction would be, it would depends on how the Bears will rule the world equities performance but it seems that it is quite difficult to determine how strong the Bears were. Right now we have to monitor whether there would be an opportunity arise? A technical rebound might emerge and it is not easy to catch or spot a counter that can easily rebound strongly. In order to catch a good rebound counter, we need to find which counter has already gone down a lot.

With the overall sentiments looks quite negative, it is advisable to ignore the current Malaysian share market unless we have some instinct that the counter we choose can really move up. As I have mention in my last few articles "Why I Wanted To Sell Before May", I did mention that if we build our portfolio during that time (Risk vs Reward), the Risk that we going to take during that time was high and it is not worth it at all. Today we can see there are so many counters going down bit by bit and some even went down up to double digits.

Whatever decision we make today will determine whether we can protect our portfolio and it is quite important that we know how to pull back when the share market is heading to the south. To have a negative feeling right now would eventually safeguard our investment and we will have to wait for another round of Bulls to emerge.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) performance still didn't pose any great danger at these moments as long as the DJIA able to withhold the important key level of 10,700 points. Breaking that level would eventually turn the DJIA into a bearish situation and it is not a good sign at all.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Part 2 - Why I Wanted To Sell Before May.

My article " Why I Wanted To Sell Before May " get a respond from one of the readers. Here I would like to post his comment on my blog and we can share with most of the readers from his thoughts and his observation.

May I append my thoughts on your observation.

1. Stock markets comprise of many sectors - plantation, export semiconductors, properties, banking, health, construction and many more. My view is that not all these sectors move together in 2009. Sure prices of some say, construction or banking stocks have moved.

But what is their potential in the next few quarters. Are they overvalued? Maybe sentiment now is negative in view of so many headwinds. I will always look at value buys, taking into account of the economic cycle of each sector, stock valuation and its potential in relation to the ever changing world and local economies.

2. True SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY. I have made analysis of this phenomena for three periods 1998, 2002 and 2006 - all these years coincided with the World Cup. In the first two, the markets went up in the earlier part of the year culminating in Mar/April and the market trend went down until the end of the World Cup in early July.

Subsequently, it went further down. However, 2006 was a bit different. Market trend, I believe went up until May before it gave up some gains, about 50/60 points but towards the end of the World Cup it picked up and with minor corrections in July and August and went all the way up leading to the 2007 bull run. I managed to catch it from Nov and Dec 2006. The bottom line I would like to share is still the economic fundamentals of the local and world economies.

Are they favourable for firms to make monies and are prices reflective of such potentialities. That I believe is what that counts. Economic data do not lie but the presentation of which is another story. Sometimes a lot of investors get carried away with newspapers reports of how bad a situation is that they forgot the trees for the forests.

3. The year 2010 will be marked by news of potential sovereign defaults. There is ample of these in the news. If we were to borrow from the bank, the bankers would want us to repay and the moment economic conditions do not look good, they will recall the loan. But this time, it is countries that are involved.

These PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Grecce, Spain) countries borrowed heavily during the last financial crisis and certainly creditors will want their monies back. Have we forgotten? So, this crisis is not something that is not known.

Those who are in the know and followed the economics of Europe would have known and have profited much from the ups and downs. Between the initial stage to the final resolution of this Euro crisis, there is going to be many perception along the way.

Will it be a contagion like the last financial crisis or will be limited to Europe and US? How are the currencies affected? All these create different perception of risks and consequently the fear factor that moves markets up and down.

These are also profit opportunities for some. For example, Mark Mobuis of Templeton Fund read the Dubai crisis correctly and waited till it broke out before buying property stocks at rock bottom prices. For me, I am still at the learning curve or rather still way behind.

4. Lastly, the World Bank, our Government and a few banks have revised our GDP upwards. Does this mean that our exports in the next few quarters will be up, up and away. Will they peak at the end of the 1st quarter or the 2nd quarter. All said what is the bottom line for our companies in the next few quarters.

Are values now reflective of such potential. Is the market overvalued, therefore a correction is in store. How large will this correction be in the face of this improving economic fundamentals? How much of this forecast can be taken at this point of time?

Like I said at the start, I'm sharing my thoughts. The world of investment is truly a fantastic educational arena. Learn it well and make less mistakes. The ultimate outcome will be something worth all the effort.

James Lau Chea Yong

Monday, May 3, 2010

Why I Wanted To Sell Before May ?

Why I wanted to sell before May? Quite an interesting question? Well this is just few of my opinion. It would be good if I can share what is in my thinking right now.

1) I have found out that the possibilities to make more return or income in the Malaysia share market is getting lower and lower (Risk versus Reward). Basically looking at the share market momentum right now the Risk is higher than the Reward.

2) According to historical data created by the Malaysian share market, usually coming to the month of May - the share market will start to move down. Please refer to this article SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY.

3) The immediate financial crisis in Greek and several European country after some downgrading in their debt rating may sparks another crisis. Greece, Portugal and Spain all saw their debt ratings slashed by Standard & Poor's last week. Greece's rating was cut to junk status. The concern in the markets is that a loan default could threaten the euro, the currency shared by 16 European nations, and in turn jeopardize the global economic recovery.

4) 2010 South Afica FIFA World Cup will begin in June and based on historical data, the share market tend to be slow and lack of interest.

5) The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been moving up since March 2009 until now. Will there be a correction in the process? Whether it might happen or not, a pre-caution measure need to be taken and consider.

6) Criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs. American market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit charging Goldman Sachs with defrauding and causing losses of over USD 1 billion to investors by misrepresenting facts about a financial product tied to sub-prime mortgages. A Standard & Poor's equity analyst downgraded Goldman's stock to a "sell" rating Friday.

This is just few of my opinion and we cannot take it as an assumptions that the share market will experience some downturn because of these few reasons. It was just for my cautious outlook towards the market. Even until now the FBM-KLCI still look quite fabulous and even stand at higher points. Anyway trade it with careful approach.