Friday, April 5, 2013

Weaknesses In The World Equities Market ????

I was wrong when my last posting mention that the Malaysian share market have more potential to the downside. I was caught by the surprise when the FBM-KLCI move and shoot towards 1,700 points (consider Double Top has perform) - might be some consolidation move.  It is incredible and fantastic that the FBM-KLCI manage to create new high in just 1 week. Many investors or punters were also caught by this surprise.

Right now we must really examine whether the FBM-KLC still have the potential to move further. I really have no comments on this issue but I have few things that I would like to share with my readers on how the world equities will perform these few coming weeks. I might be wrong but just want to share some info on it.

Based on current on going news it is quite likely the that the world equities market might be heading for consolidation. There are few things that might jeopardized the world equities market.

Such as ;-

1) The North Korea Threat which is almost escalate to war (unlikely to happen). 
2) H7N9 Bird Flu which already kill its fifth victim in China (remember the SARS outbreak in 2003).
3) Continuation of European financial problems.

Another things that I would like to emphasized was current chart reading also suggest some weaknesses in most of the world equities share market and the Dow Jones Industrial Average also facing some weaknesses ahead in its chart reading.