Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Volume Must Build Up. Potential Lying Ahead For Speculation Counters?

Still the same old story. Since my last posting, everything still remains the same. Nothing much to talk about as we can see the FBM-KLCI still looks very strong. Volume and turnover have done still remain the same through out the period. Around 800 million to 1.1 billion shares traded.

With this kind of low volume, we need to wait for the volume to build up, then only we will have more chances to trade the speculation counters. Today (22.09.20100) the turnover for half day reaches about 790 million and it is a good sign. If the turnover can reaches about 2 billion a day, it would be great. Then only we might have a pure BULL RUN.

If we check it deeply, it seems that there are so many counters started to show more positive sign. I don't know whether the time has arrived but from my monitoring, it seems that we will more opportunity lying ahead. The volume or the turnover is getting better and better. Most of the speculation counters are showing more potential to move higher.

I won't be surprised maybe this time around some may even laugh all the way to the bank because there are still many potential counters didn't make their move yet. Please pay an extra attention and watch the whole momentum this week, we might have large bandwagon waiting for us and the bandwagon are heading to the North. Hope for the BEST ................ Happy Trading ............

Monday, September 13, 2010

FBM-KLCI Move Like Bullet Trains. Nothing Can STOP Them.

This is something I have never seen before. From my past experience I saw before how the FBM-KLCI move in tandem with all the movement made by individual counters (second and third liners). Most of them are moving accordingly with the FBM-KLCI movement. But if we check their movement right now, we are seeing the movement only just concentrate on the index link counters and some blue chips counters.

I was wondering whether will there be a day where by when the FBM-KLCI stop its movement and hovering on its top, most of the second and the third liners will started to move by themselves? Hoping for them to start their engine and run by itself is just a hope only. What we can do right now is to search some potential counters, if we lucky enough then we would be able to make some gains. Remember, not every counter will move.

If we check the strength of the FBM-KLCI at these moments, it seems that there is no bad news and nothing can stop the index from reaching their highest point of all time high at 1,524.69 points set on 14/01/2008. We might have a chance to see a new high in the process for the FBM-KLCI.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Same Old Story - FBM-KLCI At New High. Sentiments Still Not Good.

We are entering in the month of September. As we can see the world equities market are showing more sign of weakening for the last two weeks but it didn't happen to our Malaysia FBM-KLCI. The FBM-KLCI index shoots up to close at new high and become the Big Boss around the Asian region. How it happen ?????? I don't what really happen to our government policies right now. Maybe the fund managers might have some of tips from the government ......

Frankly I didn't find it very interesting or having any temptation or feeling of buying shares right now because we might be heading for a time bomb that is tickling waiting for it to be exploded. I will change my mind if the overall sentiments move accordingly.

Looking at the whole sentiment, the momentum is not right at all. The blue chips or the index link counters are been push up but the overall shares performance didn't follow the sentiment at all.

Turnover done for daily transaction shows that it is still well below the 1 billion shares. No volume to support the big run. It seems that we might be having an artificial market fundamental because we are not following most of the world equities performance. Maybe our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has something special inside his mind that he try to make our share market looks good before another election being called?

A check on the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance, their share market now is entering into a correction mode. Most of the world equities markets are tracking the DJIA performance right now. As long their index can stay above the 9,900 points then it will not post any great danger.

Recently when I was searching for some articles and I found out that there is still some analysts mention that the DJIA is performing a Head and Shoulder pattern but it is still early to make this kind of call. Whether this pattern will happen or not, we still need more time to monitor the performance of the DJIA. My call at these moments, I will stay out for a while because I don't know how to catch this funny and interesting Luxury Band Wagon or the index link counters that are heading to the North.