Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parabolic SAR Selling Signal Appear ?

Well what do we think about our share market performance right now ? No volume to support the overall market movement and indeed the market just like a dead fish only. Only certain counters are performing very well. We only can make money if we really buy at the low and have to wait for certain days and timing then only we can really make some profit.

A quick check on the FBM-KLCI suggest that the trend might take a pause. There is a signal or an indicator showing that the Parabolic SAR already shown a selling signal after yesterday the FBM-KLCI move down. But looking at the FBM-KLCI still staying above the 1,200 points level, we can consider that the index is sitting quite comfortable at this level.

Yesterday also saw the FBM-KLCI touches its major strong supporting line, so we need to be well alert these few days whether the index still can stay at its uptrend channel. Any break down from the uptrend channel will signal that the trend might take a reversal pattern.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Crude Oil Prices Breaks USD 67 Barrel

Basically looking at this market movement today, I would rather say there isn't anything special going to happen to our Malaysian Share Market. The market have already move for quite sometimes and as usual we can't really find any counters going to behave just like a market leader.

If we exam the share market movement it seems that most of them look really tired but the world equities market just won't go down. Looking at current Crude Oil prices (USD 66-67 per barrel), this is not really a good indicator or a good sign for the world equities market.

I have been monitoring the Crude Oil prices movement since last year although I'm not one of the player but whenever Crude Oil prices went down, we have to be careful with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Most of the time Crude Oil prices move accordingly with the DJIA. It happens most of the time but not always. If the DJIA follow the exact trend of the Crude Oil (going down) then it would really a bad sign.

Right now we just can't say that the Crude Oil prices are heading towards the downtrend channel. They need to be confirm if the Crude Oil prices still going down further (break the USD 62.70 per barrel) but we have to monitor it closely in order to preserve our profit margin if the DJIA really follow the Crude Oil prices movement.

Who know ? Anything can happen ..............

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FBM-KLCI Still Moving Up But No Market Leaders ?

Well after two days of holiday, we are back to the share market. Current sentiment is a bit active with most of the share prices still hovering around their share prices. I would still prefer the volume done in the market to increase or there will be someone becomes the market leader.

Right at these moments, we still can't find if there is any potential counters would become the market leader. We still have few more days left in the month of September before we are entering in the month of October. As usual in the month of October, DJIA always perform very badly. Usually we call it BLACK OCTOBER. I don't like to behave negatively but rather be cautious ahead in the month of October.

There are still some counters or particular counters that still can moves. It is just that we need to search and eyeing our favourite counters whether they can move or not? These few days the Dow Jones Industrial Averages performing quiet well with the DJIA moving towards the 10,000 points level. Looking at the world sentiment, we can say the equities market are heading up with the lead from the DJIA. It seems that there isn't any bad news to stop the share market from moving up.

Speculate wisely and we can gain something out of it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya. May This Is The Best Hari Raya Celebration For All Of Us.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Positive Sign For Few Speculation Counters, Can They Move ?

Looking at today prices, it seems that our market did bring some hope. But how far this hope will bring us to ? Usually if we exam the current trading patent when the share market traded with low volume, it is advisable to buy any of the share prices when they turn to red and whenever they turn to green (if there is some handsome profit), then we should sell it.

Few indicators started to show more positive sign of recovering or maybe they have just started their engine to move forward (maybe moving sideway). But sometimes whenever we think that the share market has some potential to move up, all the sudden they just come down.

Judging from today movement couple with the FBM-KLCI creating new high, maybe I would consider to invest a bit but not in a large scale. Volume traded still consider low, so if any of the profit margin that can be created, we can treat it as an opportunity to take profit. This just my point of view and we cannot take it as it will happen.

KNM Group Berhad seems to show more sign of recovery and the indicator also showing some buying signal. As we use to say, if we want the speculation counters to move we need to have a Market Leader to lead this market, so whether KNM will be the market leader or not or maybe other counters will become a market leader, we still need to wait for further confirmation.

P*S .... I still prefer the total turnover for FBM-KLCI to touch above 1 Billion Shares a day in order to confirm their current uptrend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FBM-KLCI Perform, Speculation Counters Are Dead ?

Well the FBM-KLCI still at high and indeed we can call it there is still no dangerous sign that can jeopardized the FBM-KLCI movement but if we take a look on most of the speculation counters .... most of them tend to have depreciated near to their recently low.

As I have mention few days back if the FBM-KLCI move towards upward and without the volume improving as a back-up then it is not wise to speculate at these moments. It is quite tricky to get involve right now as there is no indicator or some other good news to push the market up especially for the speculation counters.

Yesterday we might be seeing most of the shares went down but today they might be moving up. Who knows ? As long as the V O L U M E done are not increasing, it is advisable to stay out unless we are really keen on certain counter that really can move.

These few weeks transaction done can be consider quite hard for us to earn some profit as the overall counters especially the speculation counters are not really moving although the FBM-KLCI is moving quite well. It seems that the bulls are fighting it very hard with the bears in order to maintain the FBM-KLCI above the 1,200 points level.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bravo For The FBM-KLCI, But With No Volume Increase ?

Sorry guys. It has been too long I didn't post any new article about our Malaysian share market. Just come back from Bali, Indonesia. Let us take a look on the current sentiment of the FBM-KLCI.

It was really a surprised that our Malaysia FBM-KLCI managed to cross over above the 1,200 points level. Indeed we as a market player will view it as a positive sign.

After last week bad performance by most of speculation counters, this week they move in tandem with the performance of the FBM-KLCI. One thing for sure, the confident level is still not really high yet for us to jump in.

If we examine the volume and every transaction done for most of the day, it is still not convincing yet for us to invest or to speculate in this market unless we are going for good counters or we can say the blue chip counters.

Volume done each day for the FBM-KLCI play an important part to determine whether we have some space or confirmation in order for us to play along with the current uptrend movement.

One thing we must remember we still need to respect the Dow Jones Industrial Average. At these movement the DJIA might be facing some strong resistance level at 9,650 points. So it is quite important to see whether the DJIA can penetrate that level for the second time.

I would like to be in a positive position and move along with our market sentiment but with the volume done not really convincing yet, a careful trade need to be implement in order to safeguard our profit.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Malaysian Share Market Just Won't Die..

As we can see the share market just won't die. No matter how bad or good the world share market perform still our market just won't die. It is quite hard to determine whether our share market still have the capabilities to move forward?

If we check the market condition and turnover done right now, the volume still not really encouraging. Basically we are still looking at the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. They still act as our Big Boss. Basically our market movement will still based on the world equities movement.

If we check on the chart, the DJIA still face some resistance. No doubt these few days the DJIA perform quite well but they need to cross over above their Strong Resistance line in order to confirm that their trend still continuing upwards.

Well I can't post too many article because I was in Bali, Indonesia since last Thursday and will be back on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time To Get Out From The Share Market ?

Right now there are more and more confirmation surrounding that the current Asia equities market are heading to the south pole. It is quite important to make a few decision whether we want to unload some of the shares that we are still holding it at.

For the last two days the Singapore Straits Times performed very badly with the Hang Seng following the same course. If we take a look on chart, both of their indexes were heading towards the south pole. Either they are going to move sideways or not, the chart suggest that they will move even lower.

Dow Jones Industrial Average still play an important role in keeping the world equities market performance but if we take a closer look at overall world equities market performance, they are not performing accordingly. It is very dangerous right now as the Shangai Stock Exchange already take an early step and plunge all the way down to went even lower from the previous low they created.

My suggestion; unload some of the shares if we feel uncomfortable with it because; who knows, maybe we might brought it at even lower prices.