Monday, December 14, 2015

KLCI To Continuing It's Downtrend.

As for last Friday closing, the KLCI creating a Lower Low based on chart reading. If we take a look on the chart there are 3 Lower Highs and 3 Lower Lows in the making.

It shows that the market will continue its downtrend. It is quite important to look on this Wednesday night whether the Federal Reserve will make an announcement on interest rate hike.
Most people are saying that it is likely the Federal Reserve will raise it. We will wait and see what will happen to the Dow Jones. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

There Is A Chances That The KLCI Might Be Moving Forward?

After declining about 38 percent from the high created on 19.10.2015 (1,727.71 point) to a low on 16.11.2015 (1,644.29 point) based on Fibonacci Retracement reading, we might see a rebound after the KLCI manage to show more strength. Indeed the first hurdle that the KLCI must cross is the resistance at 1,697.00 point.
If this resistance can be taken out we might see a continuing of up trend but if the index fall below 1,644.00 point there might be heading to 1,617.00 points. 
No doubt the MACD still in selling signal but today MACD Histogram start to flash Green colour suggesting that the KLCI is gaining strength but the weekly Histogram still in Red colour.
From observation in the futures trade we can see that these two days whenever the futures FBMKLCI open at low in the morning session it will close higher in the evening trade however the trend still need to depends on how the Dow Jones Industrial Average is doing.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

KLCI Might Be Facing More Selling Pressure Next Week

As we can see yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down another -203 points with the MACD Histogram Still flashing RED colour. Indeed we can see the Dow Jones is getting weaker.
With Dow Jones weaken, the KLCI also get affected. If we look at the KLCI chart the indicators not really promising with sign of more selling pressure going to happen next week.

For weekly indicators the MACD Histogram also start to flash RED colour indicated that we might having a very bad week ahead. Just be careful. Our Ringgit also weaken and it is not good for the Malaysian share market as well as the oil prices also plunged heavily. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Getting Weaker. Becareful !!!

There is a possibility that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is going to go down in the near terms. If the rumours that the Federal Reserve is going to raise the interest rate in December than we might see that the Dow Jones might be moving down.

There is a divergence reading where by the MACD Histogram is getting weaker and the DOW index is getting higher. If we analyse the MACD Histogram indicators, they are still flashing RED indicates that the DOW is getting weaker. If the MACD cross over happened, there might be some selling activities.
If the Dow Jones is going down, we might have another U-Turn movement for the KLCI. It is quite tricky at these moments but based on our current currency, it is getting BAD to WORST. Today the ringgit trade at RM 4.35 for 1 USD.

Friday, October 16, 2015

FBMKLCI Must Overtake 1,740 Point To Be In Positive Side.

After some two weeks of trading, our Malaysia share market finally went up. As I have mention the downside was limited and we can see that the world equities markets also moving up as well.

Based on the chart reading, there is a huge hurdle for the FBMKLCI to overtake that major hurdle of 1,736 points (+, -) with the 200 days moving average (1,740) will stand as a major obstacle.
Currently the MACD Histogram flashing some red indicators suggestion that the index is starting to weaken. There is a possibilities we might have a small correction ahead.
Will there be another major sell down ahead? Probably maybe towards the year end. At these moments the momentum still looks positive with no bad news surrounding the equities market.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sydney Morning Herald Wrote That Najib "Risks Becoming An International Pariah"

Based on the chart, it is still unclear where our KLCI is heading to? If we based on the chart it might be moving up and down with limited downside. No doubt the MACD Histogram shows some red, still it is not strong enough to determine that the KLCI might be going down further.
With the Ringgit still keep on falling to a new low, the KLCI might be facing very big hurdle to overcome any selling pressure. Next support will be at 1,567 point. If the index break that point, we might see some fresh selling towards 1,500 points.
Lately we can see there are so many countries started to write up more articles about Malaysia's politics and Najib Razak. This morning Sydney Morning Herald wrote that Najib "risks becoming an international pariah" because of the scandals involving the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts and the debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) surrounding him.

Friday, September 11, 2015

HOW SIRUL BLACKMAILED NAJIB! - World Media Spotlight Now Moves To The Altantuya Case

Shocking new evidence has emerged over Malaysia’s most notorious murder case, with the airing of an explosive documentary about the death of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu at the hands of the Prime Minister’s bodyguards on the world news channel Al Jazeera’s 101 East programme today.
The gripping and closely documented report by the veteran Australian reporter Mary Ann Jolly contains allegations that the man who shot Altantuya was none other than her ex-lover Razak Baginda, a close aid of Najib Razak, who earlier this year alluded to “rogue cops” being engaged in a motiveless murder.
Even more astonishing are text messages retrieved by Al Jazeera from the mobile phone of Sirul Azhar Umar, the man convicted of the killing, which show the convicted bodyguard was blackmailing Prime Minister Najib Razak for millions of dollars to stay in Australia and “say nothing” about the case just before he was re-arrested.
This way, said Sirul, “I won’t bring down the PM”!
Tellingly, the response from Najib’s intermediary Abdul Salam bin Ahmed was that Sirul’s demand for a total of AUS$17 million was “being discussed”.  Salem has regularly visited Sirul, who is being held at the Villawood detention centre in Sydney and is believed to be involved in funding his legal team in Australia.

"I want 15 million and I won't return to Malaysia ever. I won't bring down the PM"
“I want 15 million and I won’t return to Malaysia ever. I won’t bring down the PM”

Baginda “pulled the trigger”!

According to the programme Sirul confided to an Australian relative that the person who had shot Altantuya was none other than the former boyfriend, whom she had been trying to blackmail, Razak Baginda.
The relative who was interviewed, but did not want to be identified told Mary Ann Jolly:
“I said, did you pull the trigger? He said, no I didn’t pull the trigger, Razak pulled the trigger”

Salam's response was "they want to discuss"
Salam’s response was “they want to discuss”

Baginda, who was Najib’s personal negotiator for the Scorpene Submarine deal with France was never put on trial or questioned as a witness for the murder, despite being on record as having contacted Najib’s bodyguards to help him deal with the harassment from his former lover.

Baginda blamed "rogue cops" but Sirul says it was he who pulled the trigger
Baginda blamed “rogue cops” but Sirul says it was he who pulled the trigger

According to Sirul, his relative said, there were three at the murder scene. Baginda had shot Altantuya, but the two bodyguards had been tasked to then destroy the corpse with explosives.
In January Baginda had told a press conference that the case was an example of “rogue cops” and denied there was any further need to establish motive for the killing of his ex-girlfriend who was blackmailing him with her knowledge about kickbacks on a major defence deal.
“He [Sirul] told me he went back and he blew the body to pieces. I said “you had a choice of walking away from the situation and leaving it alone” – and he said “I would have been dead” because of what he knew” [said Sirul’s relative]
There will now be international pressure to re-open the case where a key witness is now incarcerated in an independent third party state with a strong legal system.
The conduct of the original trial, which was heavily criticised by judges in Malaysia’s own Court of Appeal last year, will inevitably be found wanting, threatening another embarassment for Malaysia related to another Najib cover-up.

Najib had been Altantuya’s lover also

The programme also confirms that there was testimony by the key witness Bala that it was Najib Razak who had originally been the lover of Altantuya and that he had passed her on to Baginda during the course of the Scorpene deal, which has been the centre of a court investigation in France over hundreds of millions of ringgit paid  in kickbacks to companies controlled by Baginda.
Baginda was managing the deal to build three submarines with French contractors as a ‘personal envoy’ for Najib while he was Defence  Minister (in the same way that  Jho Low later acted as Najib’s proxy in the board room of 1MDB).
Programme says Najib had introduced Altantuya to Baginda at a diamond exhibition in Singapore....where Rosmah was presumably shopping
Programme says Najib had introduced Altantuya to Baginda at a diamond exhibition in Singapore….where Rosmah was presumably shopping
Najib has denied knowing Altantuya, but the film details contradictory evidence and analyses the entire cover up of the shocking murder case through a heavily manipulated trial, which refused to permit examination of why Najib’s bodyguards abducted Altantuya outside Baginda’s house and who ordered them to kill a woman they did not know.
There is a rare interview with the widow of the key witness PI Bala, who details how her husband was threatened and bribed to change his initial statutory declaration about the crime by none other than Najib’s own brother.  The couple were bundled into hiding abroad.
Najib told reporters that Bala's evidence was untrue, at the same time the witness was being threatened to change his story and leave the country
Najib told reporters that Bala’s evidence was untrue, at the same time the witness was being threatened to change his story and leave the country
The dramatised documentary, which contains chilling scenes, also features the father of Altantuya, who is now launching a civil case over the death of his daughter. He describes how he is fearful himself to return to KL.
The long belated televising of such a blatant cover up of murder orchestrated around a senior political figure threatens to globalise a case that for years has been kept firmly under wraps by the powers that be in Malaysia.
What motive? The two bodyguards who took all the blame
What motive? Najib’s two elite bodyguards who took all the blame
Reporter Mary-Ann Jolly is filmed being thrown out of the country when she arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport in an attempt to interview the Prime Minister about the extensive evidence collected by the programme.
You can watch the half hour documentary that has brought yet another skeleton crashing out of the Prime Minister’s closet – this time it is the fragmented body of Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Grand theft is one thing for a politician to find himself uncomfortably more than close to, murder is quite another.
To see the film click below  –

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KLCI Might Be Moving Up And Dowm With Limited Downside.

What is the next course for the KLCI? Lately we can see the KLCI is moving up and down in a very tight range around 1,570 to 1,600 points. I don't think we can expect huge drastic movement as the KLCI has found its momentum.
No doubt the KLCI MACD histogram did flash some Red colour but it is still early to say that the index might be going down further. MACD histogram for weekly indicators still show Green colour indicate that in short terms we might not seeing any huge drastic drop. Many of them would expects the index to move down again towards 1,500 points but at these moments it seems that it will not happen.
Usually after experiencing a huge drop from a high of 1,744.19 point (03.08.2015) to a low of 1,503.68 point (25.08.2015) - that is about -240 points drop, the index will take a pause before creating another next huge movements. Basically the trend right now will be moving sideway - up and down -  and it will last for few weeks.
Sentiments right now is still BEARISH. Just be careful. Anything can happen with the current situation. The KLCI, Hang Seng and the Dow Jones Industrial Average still trading below 200 SMA. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bearish Indicators And Long Black Candle Appeared. Sell on Strenght.

It seems that "Catch A Falling Knife" did come true and the index shoot up from the low of 1,503 (25.08.2015) points to 1,660 points this morning but at these moments it appeared that it is quite bearish after a Long Black Candle appear today.
Sell into strength. Watch carefully. After some significant retracement, there might be an opportunity to accumulate again after this correction. Just be careful. From my point of views it is just a correction in the process. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dow Jones Is Moving Into Negative Zone. KLCI - "Catch A Falling Knife"

Finally the Dow Jones Industrial Average have show its colour. For the past three trading days the Dow Jones have drop more than 1,000 points. From the high created in May, the Dow Jones have drop around 10 percent.
It seems that this is just a beginning of a correction or maybe a downtrend. What I really don't like is the Dow Jones index still way below the SMA 200 days. An indicator stated that whether this index is moving downwards in few month to come unless the index manage to stage a comeback and stay above the SMA 200 days. 
For the FBMKLCI the next target would be 1,526.26 point created on 18/02/2012. Today the index have drop another 30 points this morning (around 1,545 point). At these moments it is very hard to determine where the index is heading to. Last Friday performance, the KLCI managed to pull back from a sharp drop of 20 points in the morning and close just down -2.74 point.
It did show some strength as the KLCI is really oversold but the "Ringgit" is experiencing another sharp fall today. Now the ringgit is traded around RM4.24 for 1 USD. Not really a good sign for the KLCI. Anyway we must believe that there is no such thing that the index will be heading straight to the south without gaining some technical rebound.
Now is a game of: "Catch A Falling Knife". 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FBMKLCI Got Potential To Rebound?

Judging from the total points the KLCI has drop, technical rebound was just around the corner. From the last peak of 1,730 (05/08/2015) till today the KLCI has drop about 170 points. Based on yesterday closing we still didn't see any technical reversal pattern that is taking place.
Today closing will be very important to determine whether the FBMKLCI will have a technical reversal in the making. For the first target of rebound if do happen will be around 1,595 point.
Overall market sentiments still bearish. As long as our Prime Minister still managing the country, the economy won't be good and we might have prolong issue concerning the currency.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

UMWOG Looks Attractive With Current Price of RM 1.05 - RM 1.10

UMWOG now at it lowest. At the price of RM 1.05 - RM 1.10, it is a good price to enter for a rebound? Since the month of July the price have drop sharply from a around RM 1.70 till RM 1.05 - RM 1.10
FBMKLCI has drop more than 100 points in 5 days. There might be a rebound around the corner but "Catching a Falling Knife" is not easy and quite dangerous as well.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beware Of The Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Simple Moving Average indicators 20 days, 50 days, 100 days and 200 days are moving very close to each other. An unhealthy sign as its appear that the Dow Jones is weakening. Whether the Dow Jones is moving into a correction or the beginning of a bear market we still have to wait for more signal to define the outcome.

On Malaysia KLCI indicators, the index will have greater chances to move lower due to uncertainties in geo political situation and the value of the ringgit at 17 years low.

Strong support at 1,672 point. A break below 1,672 points will eventually bring the market even lower before a rebound can appear. Basically from weekly indicators, the reading also not very promising. Just be careful.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dow Jones Maybe Heading For Big Correction???

Based on the chart and indicators reading, the Dow Jones Industrial Average might be heading for "Big Correction". After few months of speculation, it seems that the Federal Reserve is going to raise the interest-rate in near term.
If we examined the chart the DJIA is creating "Lower High" and "Lower Low". This is really a bad sign and the index also stay below SMA of 20 days, 50 days, 100 days and 200 days. Well prepare for this slaughter. It might be around 10 to 12 percent correction in the process towards 16,300 points (plus minus).
What will happen to Malaysia KLCI index? Right now it is a bit hard to know where our index is heading to due to uncertainties geo political situation surrounding the country. With the world oil prices tumbling and also the ringgit, I didn't see any good outcome in the near term.
Based on the chart if the KLCI managed to cross and stay above 1,736 point, we might have a chance that the index might try to climb towards 1,780 point (200 days SMA) but if we take a closer look, it seems the KLCI is moving side way.
With the DJIA showing more weaknesses, we have to be careful because any sharp drop on the Dow Jones, we might see the KLCI will follow through and move towards south.

Monday, July 27, 2015

FBMKLCI Show More Weaknesses Ahead. Becareful.

Based on my last posting I did mention that the FMBKLCI is gaining strength to move higher based on several indicators but since the whole last week trading it seems that the FBMKLCI is losing its momentum and it move a bit lower and lower with an indication it might be going down further more after turning up for almost 2 weeks.
Right at these moments the SMA 20 days moving average will stand as temporary support at 1,719 point. No doubt the index close at 1,720.76 point last Friday but the MACD daily Histogram still flashes RED. From my point of view we need to be careful because if the index cannot stay above the SMA 20 days this coming week it will have great potential moving towards 1,786 point.
Local political news still poised some threat as the 1MDB issue still have long way to go. What really happen right now whether the governments are doing the right things in sorting out the issue remain unclear but I'm piss off with the government shutting down the "The Edge Daily" and "The Edge Weekly" paper from publishing for 3 months. The governments are sucks and it is really unfair and didn't show any democracy at all.
What wrong with our Prime Minister? By shutting down the publishing, it would create more hatred toward our governments. I'm doubt the FBMKLCI will move forward if our governments are not transparent enough in solving these issues. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

KLCI Show More Positive Movement Lately?

It seems that after 2 weeks of political tension on 1MDB issues, Wall Street Journal Report on Prime Minister receiving billion of ringgit deposited into his account and latest news on Prime Minister's wife bank account deposited about 2 million ringgit.
The KLCI experiencing some huge movement going down sharply from around 1,738 point (02.07.2015) to create another new low at 1,685 point (09.07.2015) before rebounding solid for 2 days to close at 1,715 point.
Based on the technical chart reading it seems we are in the middle of technical rebound with the index showing more strength but based on candlestick reading we are in for trend reversal but with the current 1MBD and the Prime Minister issues going around, it is not advisable or encourage to get involved in this market sentiment with so many bearish news around.
We might have some counters moving up but it wont be long because most of the equities share prices still traded below 200 days moving average and it is a sign that some of the equities are still very week.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

KLCI Aiming For 1,672 Points?

As we can see from the chart, it seems that the KLCI looks very weak. On Friday closing the index makes another new low.

Personally if we look at it, the index hardly can make a good rebound. It seems the index is heading towards 1,672 points. Few days ago it try to move and make a rebound but was drag down by certain index counter especially Tenaga Nasional Berhad. 

One thing for sure, there is no such thing that the KLCI is heading straight to the south. It might eventually rebound but when? Those who anticipate that the rebound will happen will keep on long (buy) in the futures but will feel disappointing with current sentiments as the momentum still look very weak. 

The games right now is "How to catch the low and anticipate that the rebound will happen". Mmmmmmmm definately not easy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AirAsia Facing Heavy Selling. "Catching A Falling Knife"

AirAsia Berhad one of darling stock for their abilities to create numerous award these few years are now facing heavy selling. This morning the stock again facing another round of selling. Current price RM1.50
At the moment no bottom has been found but based on the chart the next support should be RM1.42. An opportunity to "Catch A Falling Knife"? I think it is not easy. No one will know where is the bottom.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Not Easy To Look For Rebounds.

From the chart we can see that the MACD is almost reaching its crossover. MACD histogram still in green color. Whether got rebound or not still another question.
If today the KLCI can close higher we might see some strength on the KLCI. Basically these few days it was so tough with the KLCI trying to stabilize it position but not easy with the sentiments still look very fragile these few days.
Most of the counters still very weak especially the index link counters. After 2 weeks of hovering around 1,752 point to 1,728 point, we will have to wait where the index is heading to?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Any Chances For Good Technical Rebounds For KLCI?

Last week my posting did mention the downside will be limited. From the chart we can see the KLCI is moving side way with up and down around 15 points (1,736 to 1,751). The indicators such as MACD Histogram still flashes green with the hope that the technical rebounds are still in the process. 

After last Friday closing with a candlestick "Hammer" appeared, we still have a good chance that this coming week the KLCI might climb higher but one thing for sure we need to have a long white candlestick to determine that the KLCI still have some strength. 

The world index indicators such as the Dow Jones Index and the Hang Seng Index. These two index seems to be fragile at these moments. They tends to show more weakness ahead and bearish also. Anything can happen to the KLCI at these moments. So be careful.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Statement On 1MDB From Bank Negara Malaysia

As the nation's Central Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia is entrusted to promote the stability and integrity of the financial system and the sustainability of our economy. Widespread news reports and commentaries regarding 1MDB have raised questions on whether the Central Bank has continued to uphold the trust that has been placed on the Bank.

The purpose of this statement is to provide clarity on the role of the Central Bank with respect to any resident entity, including 1MDB, that makes investments abroad or obtains offshore borrowings under Section 214 of the Financial Services Act 2013 and under the Exchange Control Act 1953 that was in force prior to 2013. All investments that exceed RM50 million per calendar year and any offshore borrowings that exceed RM100 million by resident entities require the Central Bank's approval. 

In relation to this, all submissions that were made by 1MDB have had to comply with the same approval criteria that is applied to submissions by other business entities. If the criteria is not met, the submission will be rejected. No leniency or special exceptions were accorded to 1MDB.

In accordance with the legislation administered by the Bank, the following developments will trigger formal investigations:
i) When monies for which approvals are given are not used for the purpose indicated in the submission;
ii) When incorrect or false information are provided in the submission; and
iii) Failure to comply with the conditions in the approval.

As part of an investigation process, the Bank will issue a legal directive requiring information pursuant to the relevant Acts that the Central Bank administers. This will require the Board and Management of the entity to provide the information within a specified time frame. Under the Financial Services Act 2013, the penalty for failure to meet this request can result in a fine of up to RM50 million or up to 10 years in prison or both.

In relation to cross border movements of funds, the Bank also relies on financial intelligence authorities in the foreign jurisdictions to bring to our attention irregular or suspicious transactions made in their jurisdiction. Such arrangements for information sharing must conform to international protocols. 

The arrangements require that the information be kept confidential and any breach will lead to the termination of such arrangements. These arrangements also provide for the Bank to share the information with relevant domestic investigation authorities after securing the permission of the foreign authorities.

The scope provided under the Central Bank's legislation does not provide powers for the Central Bank to investigate in areas such as fraud, tax evasion, corruption, cheating and criminal breach of trust. These will need to be pursued by other law enforcement agencies.

With respect to 1MDB, a formal enquiry has commenced to examine any contravention of the Central Bank's rules and legislation. This has involved the issuance of a legal directive requiring information from the entity. 

The Central Bank is also taking statements from individuals involved in the governance process and obtaining information from other relevant domestic and foreign parties. In addition, Bank Negara Malaysia has forwarded information received from foreign authorities to the relevant investigation agencies after obtaining the permission from the foreign authorities.

The Central Bank wishes to emphasise that further disclosure of details of the investigation may undermine the outcome of the investigation. The Central Bank is doing everything within the powers provided under its legislation, including collaborating with other agencies, to contribute towards a swift resolution of the matter.

Bank Negara Malaysia
03 June 2015

© Bank Negara Malaysia, 2015. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Technical Rebound Likely To Happen This Week???

It seems that the technical rebound that we are looking for is likely to happen this week. Not really sure when it will happen but the downside is limited but the chart and the sentiment looks very bearish.

Candlestick still didn't show any sign whether there would be a rebound? No body knows. Whether the index will climb towards 1,774 point will be another issue. Anyway stay alert.

We need another confirmation on the next trading day of closing to determine whether the technical rebound is in the making. This assumption was based on our KLCI have already have 10 days "Black Candle" and a MACD Green Histogram appeared yesterday. A white candle would be better for today closing.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Game Now "Catch A Falling Knife"

Today appear to be the 10th day of Black Candle (11.00am) and today falls also very sharp during morning hours. Basically the game now turn into "Catch A Falling Knife". How low can it goes? Till this hour no indicators stated it is a good time to buy.

Be careful but those who dares to catch it at the right timing would eventually be rewarded but not easy because the share market is quite bearish at this moment. The question right now is "how to catch a falling knife"?

Next Support for the KLCI is at 1,706 point.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

9 Days of Black Candle Appeared.

9 Days of Black Candle appeared but yet there is still no sign of any technical rebound is going to happen. Have to for Monday closing to determine that.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Technical Rebound Around The Corner?

Till today the KLCI have already decline for almost 7 days. If today still decline, it would have been down for 8 days. Based on yesterday movement, we can notice that the index is trying to rebound after dropping for so many days.
No doubt the indicator still didn't flash any sign of rebound, but yesterday momentum and with the previous candlestick reading "SUGGEST" that the market maybe nearing the bottom.
Anyway if any rebounds occur, the 1,774 point level will be a resistance for the KLCI. We might have a technical rebound around the corner but it would be a short term rebound only. Just be careful. How low it will go down and how high it will climb up nobody knows?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lower High And Lower Low Created. Bearish Sign.

Last Friday the KLCI closed much lower than the previous low (13.05.2015) of 1,795.16 point. This is a bad sign as it deems that the KLCI would eventually going to create new low.

As we can see after the technical rebound occurred, the KLCI managed to climb until 1,823.50 (18.05.2015) point before it took a sharp U-turn and went down on the next day.

It really caught me by surprise as the U-turn was so fast. It just took 4 days for it to come down to close last Friday at 1,787.50 from a low of 1,780.11 point.

Next support would be 1,774 point. If this support also taken out, the next target would be around 1,706 point. Stay out from this market because at these moments it is quite bearish with "Lower High and Lower Low" been created. A sign of a DOWNTREND in the process.

Group discussion on "Malaysian-Shares FBMKLCI" Facebook.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trend Reversal In KLCI ?

Yesterday for the first time the MACD Histogram indicator flashes GREEN and today another GREEN with another candlestick "Hammer" appeared. The day before it show another sign of candlestick "Doji" star (12.05.2015) appeared.
Usually when these candlesticks appeared, there will be a sign that a "Trend Reversal" is taking place. The MACD Histogram also flashes Green. It suggested that the downtrend is at pause.
With the MACD histogram turn into 2 Green, the FBMKLCI will slowly turn into positive momentum with the index trying to climb even higher.
With today index closed up 4.53 point at 1,807.55 point, it should have confirm that the trend have change to more positive bias. At these moments we are still in early stage but a careful approach is needed in order to make sure that we didn't lost the battle.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Any Rebound For The FBMKLCI Ahead ? Candlestick "Inverted Hammer" Appeared.

Good morning. From my previous article on the KLCI if the index managed to close higher when the "Two Hammer" appeared we might see a technical rebound but it didn't materialize when the index close down -15.87 point to close at 1,805.10 point.

But one thing for sure another candlestick "Inverted Hammer" appeared on Thursday closing (07.05.2015). On Friday when the market was closed it appear again another "Inverted Hammer".

Basically from the candlestick guidance, a confirmation of the next day candlestick (Monday), can only confirm whether the share market can rebound or we can call it a Trend Reversal. An opening higher with white long candlestick would be prefer on the next trading day to confirm it.

With the "Dow Jones" went up about 267 points on Friday closing to close at 18,191 point, we might see the KLCI will be open higher from the previous close of 1,807.65 point. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two Candlesticks Hammer Appear. We Might Have A Technical Rebound On FBMKLCI?

Two Candlestick "Hammer" appear for the last 2 trading days. It shows that the FBMKLCI is gaining some support especially during the closing trading hours. It also appear that the index closed above the 200 days moving average of 1,818 point. The 1,818 point appear to be a very strong support at these moments.

Indicators still appear weak for FBMKLCI and it didn't show any sign of improvement and the world equities markets are facing some selling momentum.

If today the FBMKLCI closed higher and stay above 1,818 point with long white candlestick, we might have some trend reversal ahead. It is still too early to tell but based on today opening at low 1,808.32 (-12.65), if the index close higher we might have a trend reversal; maybe a small technical rebound might happen to the FBMKLCI.

This is just my point of views and we cannot treat as an intention to buy or to sell. Anything can go wrong from here. Just be careful when we do the trading.

Group discussion on "Malaysian-Shares FBMKLCI" Facebook.

Monday, May 4, 2015

FBM KLCI Is Going Into Correction Mode? Be Careful.

Chart as at 28.04.2015. Article posted on 29.04.2015
After last week posting on FBM KLCI ( movement on Wednesday 29.04.2015, the market took a huge tumble on the next day dropping hugely about 24.66 points.
The main support of 1,836 would remain as a resistance. This huge drop I didn't expect it to happen but it did happen all the sudden.

Chart as at 30.04.2015

At these moments based on the weekly chart, the chart turn to negative as it appear that a long "Black Candlestick" exist. It is not a good sign for this coming week. It show more negative sign with histogram start flashing "RED" and weaken.
Stay out from the share market would be advisable unless we have some positive sign ahead but I'm doubt about it. It seems that the correction is taking place right now.

Chart as at 30.04.2015 (weekly chart)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

FBMKLCI Still Not Strong Enough.

After last week posting on FBMKLCI indicators, the index climb up and close higher the next day (24.04.2015). It went up almost 16.50 point to close at 1,862.58 point. Actually it caught me by surprised during that time. In the end the uptrend didn't materialize at all the next following trading day after another black candlestick appeared.

From the share market sentiment it shows that the overall momentum didn't argue very well that the FBMKLCI is trending towards up. The trend currently show more sign to move lower. 

The 1,846 point currently will stand as a minor support and from the previous post I have mention before that 1,836 point still stand as a main support in order to preserve the current trend but if the index move below that point, it would be bad.

Candlestick indicators argue very well these few days showing sign of weakening momentum on FBMKLCI with "Dark Cloud" and "Shooting Star" appear on top. Indicators such as MACD (moving sideways - most probably going down) and the MACD Histogram also weakening, we might having the some same situation happen in the middle of February till end of February - a correction sell down.

It would be wise-able to stay out for a moment and monitor the whole situation before making any new commitment with no indication where the share market is heading to? Just be careful with our trade or to be more cautious.

Anyway it is just my point of views and it didn't argue one must buy or sell in the market. Anything can happen. Dow Jones Industrial Average still standing very well at this moment.