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Why YB Teresa Kok was been arrested ? After all the research has been done, here are the summary that was gathered. It all started because one of the members in one small forum asking whether what he heard from one of BN state assembly person speech during a function was held.

How it started ? During that time only residents in Bandar Kinrara, YB Datuk Satim Diman know about this matter. The petition letter.

It started back in February 2008, Petition signed by 189 residents.

1 ) The petition, signed by 189 residents, was handed over to Serdang state assembly person Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman from Umno in February (before election) and another copy given to the mosque authorities. Masjid Bandar Kinrara.

The contents of the letter:

Refer to the above, we as the resident in Bandar Kinrara Seksyen 5 would like to request YB Datuk Satim to lower the volume of the speakers in Masjid Bandar Kinrara.

2 ) "First of all, we wish to apologise for any mistakes in the wording of this letter. We harbour no ill-will against the mosque," said the petition, referring to Masjid Bandar Kinrara.

2.1 ) "No matter where we live, we wish to be in places that are peaceful, especially free from crimes, robberies, noise, traffic, and so on,"

2.2 ) "However, the loudspeakers of the mosque where its ceramah (religious talks), kuliah subuh (religious lectures at dawn) and kuliah maghrib (religious lectures at dusk), have disturbed our peace at a time when we are resting or sleeping late, especially on Sundays - as early as 6:15am - and during those evenings when we are tutoring our children.

2.3 ) "Thus, we write this letter in the hope that you would understand our situation. With this, we seek your assistance to plead with the mosque management so as not to use the loudspeakers during its ceramah, kuliah subuh and kuliah maghrib, especially in the early morning or evening."

2.4 ) While the azan lasts a couple of minutes, religious ceramah could go on for more than an hour. After requesting Satim to come to the area and see the situation for himself, the residents ended the letter with an apology. "We apologise one more time if there has been any mistake or wrong done."

3 ) The contents of the letter were a request to the mosque to lower the volume of the loudspeakers for the ceramah (religious talks) which often followed the prayers. (no one knew about the contents of the letters)

4 ) A copy was also sent to Kinrara DAP state assembly person and state exco Teresa Kok's office after the March 8 polls. The reason why the copy was sent to Teresa Kok was because she was the nearest state assembly person there apart from Mohamad Satim.

5 ) The petition was sent to Mohamad Satim with hope that he could be the mediator between the residents and the mosque authority to solve the problem.

6 ) June 24, 2008. An issue was raised up by one of its readers in the forum (

7 ) The contents of the articles. (summarised) " During a function, I heard one of the state assembly person from Barisan Nasional representative said during a state assembly meeting, YB Teresa Kok hand over a petition on behalf of people in Puchong to Datuk Satim Diman about a complains from the resident in Puchong about the Azan prayer in the morning.

Member of state assembly person (Pakatan Rakyat) did not even against the petition when it was brought up .......

8 ) June 26, 2008. Inside pembelamelayu blogspot, it was claim that Dr. Khir was quoted as alleging that Selangor exco and DAP leader Teresa Kok had submitted a petition to Umno’s Seri Serdang state assembly person Satim Diman which supposedly described the azans as “disturbing the peace” of local residents. The blog also alleged that the petition requested for the calls to prayers there to be “toned down”. (during the search to the website can't find the articles - deleted). Please refer to the sentence NO: 15.

9 ) July 8, 2008. One of the readers name "sinatra_z" ask Dr. Khir in his website to clarifies this matter pertaining about resident in Puchong complains about azan prayers is disturbing the peace ?

10 ) July 9, 2008. Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo in his reply to "sinatra_z". In his blog "Yes there is a petition being hand over by YB Teresa Kok. As an opposition leader, I will defend the rights of all our Islam religious. No law in Malaysia that prevent us from using a loudspeaker.

He mention that YB Teresa Kok, who is Kinrara state representative, of submitting the petition calling for the mosque to "tone down" the azan (the call to prayers).

"This matter has been allowed to proceed because DAP supporters have lately become big headed. Do not poke at the hornet's nest lest you regret it forever," he was quoted as saying.

11 ) September 8, 2008. Dr. Khir urged the opposition Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government not to concede to purported moves by “a certain party” to disallow azans (calls for prayers) emanating from loudspeakers of mosques in Puchong and Kota Damansara which was published on the next day newspaper.

Khir also lamented that “while we practice freedom of religion, members of a certain religion celebrate to the extent that roads are closed, Muslims do not protest.”

12 ) September 9, 2008 Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has picked on Khir Toyo's comment and highlighted the issue in one of its opinion column. The article was prepared by Zaini Hassan.

The newspaper Utusan Malaysia and its columnist for an article had claimed that Teresa Kok had "advised" mosques and surau not to use loudspeakers during azan prayers.

13 ) September 11, 2008. YB Teresa Kok has denied organising any such petitions. (Please refer :Saya Akan Ambil Tindakan Terhadap Utusan Malaysia & Zaini Hassan) Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud of PAS lodged a police report against Mohd Khir for misrepresenting the issue.

14 ) Hulu Kelang state assemblyperson Saari Sungib including state exco in charge of Islamic affairs Dr Hassan Ali and Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, had met with Selangor menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim following the Utusan report.

“The menteri besar has clarified that there was no move against azans. I do not know how that issue has arisen,” said Saari

15 ) September 11, 2008. Malaysiakini article - Report lodged against Khir Toyo for stirring up ‘azans’.

While I was reading the article all the sudden I found these sentence "Meanwhile, on the pembelamelayu blogspot, Khir was quoted on June 26 as alleging that Selangor exco and DAP leader Teresa Kok had submitted a petition to Umno’s Seri Serdang state assembly person Satim Diman which supposedly described the azans as “disturbing the peace” of local residents. The blog also alleged that the petition requested for the calls to prayers there to be “toned down”.

When I did a search on this website for June 26 article by Dr. Khir ...... Ohhhh.... to my surprised, all the previously blog archive that was previously posted were deleted without any trace.

Only left 9 articles for the year 2008.

(That is how a blogger claim that he stand for the rights of Malay and now he is creating chaos to this country)

16 ) Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo claiming pressure from non-Muslims and a state exco-backed petition had forced Masjid Kota Damansara to stop making the azan through the loudspeaker.

17 ) September 12, 2008. Malaysiakini article - Faulty PA system the cause of silent azans.

Masjid Kota Damansara (different mosque) officials have denied that their mosque had ceased sounding the azan from its loudspeakers due to pressure from non-Muslims. Secretary of the three-week-old mosque Ahmad Redzuan Samsudin said a police report was lodged on Wednesday against former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo for claiming pressure from non-Muslims and a state exco-backed petition had forced them to stop making the azan through the loudspeaker.

“Last Saturday (Aug 30), lightning during a thunderstorm had struck and damaged the PA system. Thereafter, we borrowed equipment from the SMK Kota Damansara in Section 10, but problems with the wiring further delayed us from sounding the azans through the loudspeaker."

“There was no pressure from non-Muslims,” said Redzuan when contacted.

The police report, lodged by mosque head Hassan Basri alias Basri Mohd at the Kota Damansara police station, quotes the latter as saying: “I see all of this as slander and an attempt to give rise to prejudice among the various races in Kota Damansara, an act of provocation to divide the community.”

18 ) Masjid Kinrara, the mosque which is embroiled in an azan controversy, said DAP parliamentarian YB Teresa Kok was not involved in the petition to lower the volume of its loudspeakers.

According to Abdul Rahman Nasir (left), who is head of the mosque committee, YB Teresa Kok had never set foot in Masjid Kinrara to present the residents' petition.

19 ) The petition letter that was sent in February 2008 to YB Datuk Satim Diman then appear in Malaysiakini website to clarified the whole situation.

20 ) September 12, 2008. 11.20 pm. Member of Parliament Teresa Kok was arrested under ISA (Internal Security Act) section 73(1).

21 ) September 12, 2008. The author of "(pembelamelayu) Blogspot or (pembelamelayu) Wordpress" issue a statement. He apologizes for all the allegations that were made by him.

In his latest posted blog he said that he has misunderstand in between the issue of the VOLUME of the Azan prayers and the VOLUME of the loudspeakers of the mosque whether its ceramah (religious talks), kuliah subuh (religious lectures at dawn) and kuliah maghrib (religious lectures at dusk), should be lower or higher.

Who was supposed to be blamed ?

PART 3 will be continue ......................

Full article from Pembelamelayu Blogspot, why this author involve in this whole mess...... what had really happen in the first place ............??????

Find out in tonight article ........... at


To all the readers who cares about Teresa Kok. If you find that this article is a useful information, reliable and can help the earlier release of Teresa Kok from ISA, please post this article to every one of them who cares about her health and her worrying parents.

Any missing article that might be left out during this two weeks ordeal, please keep me updated. This article was prepared carefully using about 8 hours of research of all available contents in Internet. All the contents are from a reliable statement, website and were not created by me.


amoker said...

Thanks. Well researched and in chronological order. I will use this, with your permission.

Btw, do a google cache and see if you can get the cache from Khir's blog on those. He is trying to run away after being the instigator.

Jackie Lee said...

Just went to his blog and search according to the date.

Thank you.

captazhar said...

So, from the information that you have turned up with, it looks like the home minister and the pdrm has detained without trial, the wrong persons.

And the people responsible for stirring up the matter with their half baked research and hate filled responses are trying hard to hide their criminal actions.

Anonymous said...

Here's a page I found on Google cache. Those idiots think that they are off the cuff when they took down their website

Well, everything is cached. Even if you can't click on the link directly, just do a google search on the titles of the posts listed on the main page and it should come up. The cache is still there.

Here's one titled: "Teresa Kok makin kurang ajar pada Islam"
Scroll to the middle of the page and you should see the full post and the comments there.

zewt said...

very impressive.