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Here are some of the remarks and statement issue by Tan Sri Ismail Omar - Deputy Inspector General of Police.

In recent weeks, there has been an escalation of racially insensitive, seditious and disparaging acts and remarks by individuals and organisations bringing about a state of unrest and religious tension in the country.

When the police decided to invoke the ISA, the decision was based on intelligence and observation that certain acts by the individuals concerned were detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country.

These acts if not curtailed would cause public disorder and be a threat to national security. An arrest under the ISA is only made when the police strongly believes that certain acts by individual can pose a serious threat to public order and national security.

These are the grounds in which the police based their decision on.

When there are reasonable ground the police will act accordingly under the provisions of Section 73(1) of the ISA. An arrest under the Section provides the police with means to investigate and verify whether the intelligence received can be substantiated.

"Let the police work within the system and laws of the country. Racial and religious unrest can be triggered over small matters and can escalate into situations that are damaging and irreversible.

"We cannot allow the May 13, Kg Medan and Kg Rawa incidents to repeat and destroy the country.

The police will have to take pre-emptive measures in order to prevent the situation from getting out of control. As such, the public must allow the police to act within the perimeters of the law in this country, including the ISA, which is a swift mechanism for effective action.

The police are continuously monitoring the situation and will not hesitate to take action against anyone who continues inciting racial and religious issues which are detrimental to the calm, peace and harmony of the country.

In the interest of the nation’s peace and harmony, the police will act without fear or favour. The police wish to reiterate and affirm that at the current moment, the situation in this country is calm and under control.

"Now the question that plays in our mind right now, why ISA (Internal Security Act) has to be implemented on MP Teresa Kok. Everyone in Malaysia was against it. It was an act of a draconian by the governments. Do you agreed ?

My article yesterday mention that the cause of her been arrested was related to the MALAYSIA NATIONAL SECURITY WAS UNDER THREATS.

It started when the issue of Azan prayer was related to her. She has nothing to defend herself. Only her words will do.

All she can do is just to express her feeling in her own blog. When there was an accusation, she will defend.

When the article appear in the newspaper Utusan Malaysia under the column of "CUIT" by Zaini Hassan, the so-call Award Winner senior editor title "Azan, jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya" which is mean "Azan, jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya (pig or babi), things were getting out of hand.

Most of us are reading THE STAR, NST, SIN CHEW DAILY ..... etc... We were not even knew about this matter until Teresa Kok has been arrested, then people start looking for this article that appear in UTUSAN MALAYSIA. How about Malay readers in Malaysia ?

I have a friend who use to be with one of a special branch officer. He explains it to me that all the while the special branch unit (in plain cloth) always move around in our country. They are the one who is going to determine whether the public was in order ?

As I has mention that this topic was just a heat argument between the Selangor state assembly person and some of the bloggers' but now this issue has trigger all over the country by this irresponsible journalist and Utusan Malaysia.

From a merely a small group discussion in some small coffee shop ... etc ...., in the bloggers website and some politician, now it become a hot issue and topics around Malaysia (can you imagine how many readers in UTUSAN MALAYSIA per day).

That is how the national threats raise up when the article appear on Sept 10, 2008. Please read the wording carefully and the sentence that has been pen down by this irresponsible journalist ! Refer to Part 4.

So my question is how we are going to solve this issue ? It's a issue of racist between the Chinese and Malay. MP Teresa Kok might be unlucky during this time (scapegoat) because she is the only person being accused of creating chaos about the Azan issue.

The only way to keep everything in order is to detaine her. Why ? I don't know. You all made the guess. But I want to know why the government didn't take any action against those involved in the first place ? For me it might be the only solution the government had during that time to end this mess, is by detaining her inside and then this issue will have a full STOP on it.

MP Teresa Kok was allegedly accused been involved in activities which can cause tension and conflict among races and religion that threatened national security.

So from the other perspective point of view. If she was still out there, there will be a continuously talk and attack about the mosque and azan issue. Who know ? Maybe someone might raise up an issue that MP Teresa Kok has raise an issue of ordering some of the mosque to be torn down (not the loudspeakers but the whole surau or mosque)

Many Malaysian may has forgotten about the May 13, 1969 issue. Again in October 27, 1987 issue. I still can remember the 1987 issue. It was so alarming during that time.

During that time no one dare to go to Kuala Lumpur. Public was disorder. People around Malaysia were mentioning that the clashes will happen anytime. Many Chinese and Malay businesses around the city was closed for a few days to avoid any potential attacks. So, tell me how to contain the situation ? If not because of ISA during that time, what would happen ? Please ask those who have the experience before October 27, 1987, Operasi Lalang. Don't ask me, I was not in Kuala Lumpur.

The operation saw the infamous arrest of 106 persons under the ISA and the revoking of the publishing licenses of two dailies, The Star and the Sin Chew Jit Poh and two weeklies.

The Sunday Star and Watan. I can guaranteed that many of us have forgotten about this October 27, 1987.

Yaa...yaa you might disagree with me because there might be some innocent people involve and be arrested but that is the only way to contain it.

History has proven it. For the past 39 years since 1969 our country don't have any ethnic and races clash. "Don't like the present governments ISA policies ? Vote for a change during a national election. That is the right way."

Frankly I was just like you all, I don't really support ISA either. But if the main purpose of it is to maintain the harmony among all the races, I agreed with that. It is just that how the government's must make use of ISA in a proper way using a proper approach.

REMEMBER THIS - This is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. In years to come and many many moons to appears, everyone will protect each other races. We cannot deny it. This is the FACTS.

Inside my previously article posted " BBC HARDTALK with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad " posted on Monday, Sept 8, 2008. See how Tun's argue about this issue " Internal Security Act "

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar held a press conference to explain why three of the detainee being held and arrested under Internal Security Act.

Watch and listen to the video below carefully. He might not be your favourite actors but he has made a point to maintain the public order.

He said that the action was taken by the police themselves based on their assessment of the current situation as they had “strong and good reason” to believe that conflict could happen and public order could be jeopardised.

In this video clip Syed Hamid said there was concern among the public who felt that the race issue might worsen and some people were even stocking up food since Permatang Pauh by-election.

The action was taken when people start to worry and the public order was under threat.

“People may agree or disagree with the police position but they are in the best position to judge” Syed Hamid Albar

Again who was supposed to be blamed ?

PART 6 will be continue ..............

Who was supposed to be blamed ? Residents of Bandar Kinrara, section 5 ? YB Mohamad Satim Diman ? MP Teresa Kok ? The mosque ? Pembelamelayu Blogspot ? Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamed Khir Toyo ? Zaini Hassan - the Award Winner senior editor ? Utusan Malaysia ? The Police ? Home Minister - Syed Hamid Albar ? Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or the governments of MALAYSIA...... Barisan Nasional ?


bangmalaysia said...

Good research done Jackie, keep it up. Read a good article today at:

Asian NGOs challenge SUHAKAM to take up ISA issues

Hope Suhakam takes it up.

Johnny Ong said...

good write up

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Hidup Melayu! Hidup UMNO!

wandererAUS said...

Using Intelligence as a cover up of their evil intentions...applying ISA, to silence non violent critics of the govt is what UMNO does best.
The real offenders of this law get away scot free...what a blooming joke!

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Could you pls improve on your English skills? The grammatical and structural mistakes are glaring!

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SAPP leaders’ presence at DAP forum!!!

got photo for a prove!!!

see here!!!

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Good job Jackie. :)

BTW, anon 1:11pm, I hate it when ppl like you go around telling others that their English sucks. Could you improve your manners first. TQ

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I'm just an ordinary guys trying to find some truth about some of our politician and journalist wrong doing.

I'm a new learner, I will try to enhance my english but I believe my article already posted everywhere and it's easy to understand.

Thank you .

With your encouragement, I will try to do my best.

Thank you for including me in your web.

To all the readers in ginsing70, I be back to share with you all about our share market.

Just trying to help and release Teresa Kok as soon as possible.

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Good article Jackie... Much much better compare to Khir Toyo, Ali Rustam and Mike Tyson writtings..

As for your english, never mind.. english is not our mother tounge.. mistakes are common and normal... Thus, do write again...

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What govt we have these days??
Even when they know Teresa is not guilty, they still want to hold her under ISA.. Let her free la!! What a bunch of chicken-brained idiots we have as leaders!!

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Yang Berhormat Hail Hizlar

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YB T Kok announced determined intention to commence legal proceedings.Jackie Lee did a superb job of trial by media reminiscent of MSM.So we all find YB T Kok innnocent already.Like that ,the court will be empty of people and because all done already.Only waiting the award of the money lor.So Jackie please continue until part infinity,maybe the amount can get bigger.In the meantime a chance to receive Enlish correction from all us and who we can publish EBOOK.As a failed nation wannabe, must make hay while SUN and STAR shining.Best Tgd Arjun

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Hidup ISA! Hidup UMNO!

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Hidup ISA! Hidup Melayu! Hidup UMNO!

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Hey jackie, love your work...awesome job. Well all i can say is everything that is happening now...will come back to haunt their lives....real a$$h***s