Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FBM-KLCI In Bad Situation? Oversold !!!

Lately we are experiencing some sharp downturn on the FBM-KLCI since the beginning of November till now. Most of the blue chip counters didn't perform at all. For almost 2 months I didn't wrote any article inside my blog because I didn't see any exciting news to write on our Malaysian share market performance. It is the worst performance for most of the counters.

 The performance and the sentiments on our share market didn't truly or show genuine share market movements. We can notice that in the beginning of the 3rd quarter our Malaysian share market start to move higher and create so many ALL TIME HIGH for the FBM-KLCI but our share market and most of the sentiments didn't support well with the index movements.

It is not an easy market to trade with and most of the counters especially the third liners and the second liners created new low. Lately there were some rumours that the 13th General Election might be held around December. I was hoping that the sooner the election being held the better our share market will be or else we will be suffering maybe till next year of March.

From the indicator reading the FBM-KLCI might stage a technical rebound around these few days. The indicators show that the FBM-KLCI is highly oversold at these moments.