Friday, July 30, 2010

Strong Support At 1,348 Points For FBM-KLCI.

It has been a week and we can notice that this is not an easy market to play along. For those who always followed the share market movement, they would have an opportunity to make some profit.

No doubts our share market performance is going up bit by bit with the FBM-KLCI creating new high but overall performance still didn't confirm that a bull market is coming. For me it is not an easy market to trade with. Patients will play an important role to determine whether we can will these battles.

Total turnover done these few days still consider on average. Looking at the charts, 1,348 points would be considered as their main strong support. A breach of this level will bring the share market momentum to a pause.

From my point of view our share market performance still need to reconsider how the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance as the DJIA still didn't post any positive sign that their trend is turning to an uptrend. We need few more days in order to exam where the DJIA current trend is heading to.

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