Friday, August 20, 2010

FBM-KLCI Create New High, Speculation Counters Cannot Perform?

Walah .... the FBM-KLCI hit new high. A high that most of us didn't anticipate that it would happen with the total overall turnover done just around 1 billion shares traded. Usually when a new high was in the making, most of the second and the third liners will move accordingly.

What we can see from here, it didn't happen in our Malaysian share market. The sentiment didn't show that we are in the Bull run. Frankly I really don't know why our share market behaves like this and I also don't like the way our Malaysian share market movement (pushing most of the blue chips up) because when our share market make a U-turn .... for sure we will have to bear some losses.

Currently we can see some inconsistent move by most of the speculation counters. There are no significant leaders that can emerge and guide most of the speculation counters to move higher. Looking at chart, most of the speculation counters are moving sideways. At these moments we just have to wait for miracle thing to happen.

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