Monday, September 13, 2010

FBM-KLCI Move Like Bullet Trains. Nothing Can STOP Them.

This is something I have never seen before. From my past experience I saw before how the FBM-KLCI move in tandem with all the movement made by individual counters (second and third liners). Most of them are moving accordingly with the FBM-KLCI movement. But if we check their movement right now, we are seeing the movement only just concentrate on the index link counters and some blue chips counters.

I was wondering whether will there be a day where by when the FBM-KLCI stop its movement and hovering on its top, most of the second and the third liners will started to move by themselves? Hoping for them to start their engine and run by itself is just a hope only. What we can do right now is to search some potential counters, if we lucky enough then we would be able to make some gains. Remember, not every counter will move.

If we check the strength of the FBM-KLCI at these moments, it seems that there is no bad news and nothing can stop the index from reaching their highest point of all time high at 1,524.69 points set on 14/01/2008. We might have a chance to see a new high in the process for the FBM-KLCI.


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