Monday, October 4, 2010

Market Total Turnover Still Not Enough. Lack Of Interest ??????

Well as we can see the Malaysian share market still looks very strong. Even though the index or the FBM-KLCI has consolidated, we still can see the overall share market sentiment still not in a bullish note yet. As long as the FBM-KLCI can stay above 1,441 points, we still have more opportunity to trade. A break from this level, we would have to reconsider our trading method.

VOLUME or the TURNOVER for the overall share market need to be increase in order for the whole sentiments to pick up what has been left out when the FBM-KLCI power up their move for the past few weeks back. With the total volume and the turnover done right now, it shows that our share market was lack of interest from most of the players.

A Billion turnover or volume done still didn't picture that the Malaysian share market was a good market to trade with. We might make some gains out of it but the gains were minimal. For those who manage to hold on to their shares, they are the one who can really make the profit out of it but remember, not every counter is moving up.

If we look closely, some of the counters still moving downtrend even though our FBM-KLCI is moving upwards - the technology stocks were moving against the trend (uptrend). Choosing a right counter will still poised a very important element to survive.

At this moment I like UEMLAND and MRCB as they have the potential to become our new leader in order to bring the whole sentiment and turn the whole share market sentiment into a bullish environment.


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