Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday's Sell-Off: Bad News for Bulls - Dow Jones Industrial Average

After some constructive base building the last couple of weeks, the market failed an important test at its 50 day moving average. Unfortunately the market also failed at its 50 day moving averages back in mid May, setting up a test of the February lows. Since that rebuff, all three of the major indices have fallen below their 200 day moving averages, signaling a change in control from the bulls back to the bears.

It is a widely held notion that previous support becomes resistance. Last week the 200 day moving averages acted as a floor for the markets. Now it is likely that those averages will act as a ceiling that will be difficult for the markets to go above.

Obviously the 50 day moving averages have been impenetrable the last couple of months as well. Last Monday’s price action, when the bulls failed to seize the opportunity to rise above their 50 day moving averages on the heels of the most positive news of the month, raised the warning flags.

Both technical and fundamental analysis demonstrates a market rally that is broken and the odds now favor another retest of the S&P 1040 level. With the 50 day moving in the direction of forming a death cross under the 200 day moving average on all the major indices, it is quite possible that the markets will decline back down to 1040 and 2139 for the S&P and NASDAQ respectively. Should those levels be breached, a plunge down to 875 – 950 on the S&P witnessed last June and July, will most likely be targeted.

With the price of gold touching an all time high of $1260 per ounce in the past week, it is another of those flashing red lights that says all is not well with our economy. There is much discussion whether this price rise is signaling inflation or that global fiat currencies are collapsing, or perhaps a combination of both events. It must be stated that the price of gold has quadrupled over the past ten years, while the S&P 500 has remained basically flat.

Recall that one is just metal removed from the earth and the other is a reflection of the aggregate value of the largest 500 companies (employers) in America. This has created one of the most difficult investment environments witnessed in several generations.

Much of the economic data recently has been negative. The housing and mortgage figures appear to be predicting another leg down for real estate. The jobs picture is not improving either. This is not an environment where one should expect to be able to buy and hold. While I remain long term optimistic, in the short run there are too many obstacles that could result in a significant price decline to ignore. We remain in a short term complicated trading environment for now.

Article from Seeking Alpha

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