Thursday, May 13, 2010

Selling On The Run ? Was It A Correct Decision?

These two weeks will determine exactly where our world equities markets are heading to? It is very important to examine these few weeks movement because we will find out whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is going for consolidation, uptrend or a downtrend move.

Two weeks from now the DJIA (must not break 10,700 points) will give us a clearer picture as to where our investment must continue on. Whether we can still keep on continuing investing in the shares market or we must hold and wait for more opportunities ahead. At these moments holding lots of cash will be consider as the KING of everything.

Patients will play an important role to determine whether we have the advantages to win and strike more. Having a gun and simply open fire will only wasted our bullets but if we patients enough and aim the target perfectly, the rewards will naturally run in for us.

At these moments our Malaysian share market is experiencing some technical rebound and as usual SELLING ON THE RUN would be the best strategies right now. I’m not trying to be negative but to be more cautious against the current European financial crisis. Whether it was a correct decision or not, we have to judge it nicely. For me I don't like the current scenario in the European region. It looks quite tricky .............

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