Monday, June 14, 2010

Can The Dow Jones Industrial Average Move Higher ?

The World Cup has just started. Just a very good weekend to watch some of these good games. At these moments the World Cup games is going on now, can we start to accumulate right now or stay at the sideline? For me I will prefer another week or two to determine whether it is a good time to go in or not.

Well let us see how our share market will fares this week? Basically if we take a look on the condition of the share market right now, they seem to be moving quite fairly. Move up bit by bit but lack of volumes to support their movement.

Looking at the FBM-KLCI, the index is touching at their resistance level, so we have to take a look on how the index is going to move this week. Whether they can move higher or make a consolidation move, it is important to monitor the index closely?

Without the volume to support the overall market turnover, we need more time to watch and to determine whether the share market can really sustain their movement right now? Judging from the overall performance of the world equities market movement, they look a bit stable but the European region financial crisis still far from over.

We have to be careful all the time. Lately there is an article who outline a few reasons why the Dow could charge higher and once again approach the level where the Dow started out 2010 (click to read). Whether this statement can be use as a guidance for us to trade, we have to judge it accordingly. For overall world equities performance, I still prefer the Dow Jones Industrial Average to perform in order for the share market to move higher.
++ Will not be around - went to China on 13th June ++


penat said...

nice post bro..

alexlee said...

I like this format in your blog...
How is your Guangzhou / HongKong trip ??
It seem that market will rebound in end of June or earlier July 2010. Is that the last call for those who still holds position in equity market and would like to liquidate before a huge correction set in? How much is the upside for this round of rebound ~ perhaps 10% ??
If 10% of upside then KLCI will come close to 1450 points..

prema said...

see i am right, it is strong bull. still hold all my shares. paper loss become profit again :-) i believe in the bull.

Jackie Lee said...

Actually Prema,

you can make a few time profit from there. Sell high buy low ....