Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catching A Falling Knife?

Yesterday the Malaysian share market experiencing some heavy selling with the FBM-KLCI down another -23 points. This time I was not around to watch how they drop because I was in Pulau Redang, Terengganu but basically I like the way its drop because with this kind of drop we have more chances to look for more opportunity around the corner (technical rebound).

Yesterday and today movement I would rate it as CATCHING A FALLING KNIFE. Those who dare to catch a falling knife would eventually make some but it would be quite hard to choose which counters?

Why it is a good time? FBM-KLCI has dropped nearly -100 points from its previous high and share market don't always go down all the time, they must climb up a bit. For the last few days our market has drop quite hard with most of the counters recorded double digit losses.

Whether today evening or tomorrow, we might see more green ahead but I don't know whether it will happen or not? It is just that the share market need to make some adjustment (going up) before the next wave coming in. I'm just sharing what is in my mind and we cannot take it as it will happen. I might be wrong. We have to decide and to make our own decision whether today is the right timing to do so (accumulate for technical rebound).


Anonymous said...

Lesson to learn for myself be really focus when catching the falling knife.

Jackie Lee said...

One must have the guts and brave enough when catching the falling knife.

Yesterday I catch many knifes and today I throw back the knifes for others to catch.

Make some .... healthy profit ... from contra.

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to have discussion among buddies before and after trade.The guts to adventure will be intensified with buddies who bear the same direction.Keep it bro!

prema said...

i cant believe you so negative. i still holding my gtronic & cscsteel shares because i know my paper loss sure come back to profit. positive thinking!

Jackie Lee said...


I believe that all the while you have been following my blog for quite some time. I think nearly one month.

I always look on your comments.

First of all Prema, if you follow and understand what I'm trying to tell everyone inside my blog, I believe you won't hold any paper loss.

In share market, if everyone is winning, who is going to lose?

For the last one month, my advice in terms of the way the market move, positive and negative sign, selling on the run, playing technical rebounds .... I not trying to be hero or to be famous but my advice and my sharing was accurate.

If you follow very tight, you might even win some from the technical rebound. I have involved in the share market for the past 22 years and I believe my experience can help lots of players and the speculators.

Share market is an open market. Everyone can speculate and invest. I have some knowledge and I want to share my idea with my readers. Usually my comments always supported me well.

This is just a blog and I have no intention to hurt anyone feeling. You have rights to read the blog but it didn't mean that you must follow every suggestion I have mention.

I'm only just a human being who likes to involve in the share market.

alexlee said...

To Prema
Positive Thinking is Good For All of Us but the truth is Positive Thinking doesn't give you licence to WIN in share market!! We have to follow Trend bcoz trend is your friend like Jackie !!