Monday, June 7, 2010

Malaysia Flag Was Raising Half Pole And Upside Down?

This is very bad. What has happened anyway? This picture was taken on 5th June, 2010 during the Birthday of Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. What a shocking!!!

As we can see the flag was raise at half pole only and it was upside down. Being a collation of the Selangor state government (Pakatan Rakyat), it is an unacceptable way to respect our country.

As a service center for a town called "Pandamaran" putting up a flag upside down is showing that they didn't respect their country at all. As a representative and a Adun or Yang Berhormat he should have taken notice on that matters. This is embarrassing.

I still can remember when there was a blogger by the name of KICKdeFELLA. He was been jailed for few days for putting up the Malaysian flag upside down. He spent 4 days and 3 nights inside the jail.

Why was he being jailed ??? Here are some of his article that appear in his blog.

Nation In Distress (Article appear on August 2008)

Dear proud Malaysians,

No way we are going to raise the white flag, which is the symbol of surrender. We are raising our flag upside down because it is a sign of our nation is in distress.

It is not UMNO or BN who are in distress. UMNO is as bubbly as ever doing what ever their leaders know best for the country and BN as happy as ever playing supporting role to those UMNO leaders.

It is not the opposition parties who are in distress, they never been in a better state than they are now, governing five states and denying a two-third majority for BN in the Dewan Rakyat for the first time.

But it is the nation who is in distress. We are facing economic uncertainty and the citizens are facing all sorts of difficulties facing it. We are losing our competitive edge and we are losing our territories too.

It is sad to see our beloved Jalur Gemilang, the symbol of our Nation and its sovereignty flying upside down. I had anticipated the anger by my fellow countrymen watching our flag being raised upside down. It is internationally accepted that raising the flag upside down is a mark of state of distress. It is never a mark of disrespect.

I hope we can sway all the anger into trying to turn the situation so we can see our Jalur Gemilang flying high in the right way again.

But until we can do something about it, the reality is, our nation is in disarray. Let us not live in hypocrisy. Let us stare at the upside down Jalur Gemilang and let the reality strike us once and for all. If we do not join hand in hand in trying to make the politicians understand how we feel then how on earth can we blame them for saying they are doing what they think is best for us and the nation.

I do not ask you to take your protest to the street, I do not ask you to let your frustration kills the nation, I do not ask you to unleash you anger so it can burn down any chance of unification. But I beg you not to wait until we have to raise the white flag for our survival.

"Biar Putih Tulang, Jangan Putih Mata”.

Again I repeat, if you have a reason to disagree with the manner the country is heading, then you have a cause.

Raise your flag upside down and let those who can make the different know that this nation is indeed in distress.

However, you may not have the reason to listen to me, so why not you listen to what other fellow Malaysian has to say,


Dr Azman Ching said...

orang yang sedemikian sepatutnya disingkir keluar dari negeri selangor.

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muddie said...

change government i raise our flag..

muddie said...

change government i raise our flag..