Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Momentum Getting Better And Better. Turnover Still Low.

We are already entering almost half month of December and we can see more promising activity happening in our share market especially some good environment surrounding the Malaysian equity market. Not every counter is moving but it might time for us to accumulate based on their recent activity.

Another 11 days before we celebrate Merry Christmas. Will the share market perform during these two weeks? It might be a quiet market ahead because of holiday but sometimes it is also quite hard to predict. From my point of view I would rather accumulate bit by bit unless we have some good news for our favourite counters.

Based on the chart wise, the FBM-KLCI didn't look that nice. According to the candlestick reading, it appears that there was a long black candlestick. This is not a good sign but we cannot take it as a bad omen that the share market has ended its move. Maybe the FBM-KLCI is still consolidating, waiting for an opportunity to appear.

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Financelearner said...

Great info! Hope the share market will perform better during the year end.