Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lack Of Interest. World Equities Markets In The Correction Process?

Like it or not, right now we are facing some negative impact from the financial crisis occur in the European region. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been decline for few days and the index has also broken the important level of 10,700 points.

Although we are seeing some continuing selling pressure from the world equities markets, yet our control Malaysian share market still stand tall. This is not a good sign and it shows that the Malaysian share market is not really following the world fundamentals. I won't be surprise if the FBM-KLCI break the 1,300 points.

Technical rebound already finish and right now would be the time to study the share market movement. We are not going to experience a huge fall but rather a bit by bit fall. A bit by bit that will bite us until we didn't realize that most of our holdings have created big holes (losses).

Looking at the current share market performance, it seems that we are facing lack of interest from among the players. Last few of my articles supported me well in terms of my suggestion what we would be facing in the near terms. Right now staying away from the share market would be the best strategies to adopt rather than searching for opportunities because the world equities markets still look unstable.
Most of the world equities markets are experiencing some correction process and this correction looks quite dangerous in the near terms and we must be careful all the time.

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