Thursday, July 15, 2010

Death Cross For Dow Jones Industrial Average. Becareful.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa has ended. Now it is the best time to pour our attention towards the Malaysia equity market. How our Malaysia share market fare lately? It seems that there are so many counters started to move bit by bit but how strong our share market will move in tandem with the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

At these moments, I'm still quiet queerest whether we are really moving up according to the fundamentals? As they use to said, when the World Cup has ended, the share market would start to move higher. Can we use this statement?

Basically according to overall charts suggested that the FBM-KLCI was moving higher and higher but not every counters were moving accordingly with the index. Total turnover done for the Malaysia share market also stands at low. Right now we cannot assume that this is a Bull Run in the making.

No doubt we are seeing some healthy sign ahead, choosing a right and perfect counter would determine our gains. Again I would like to cautious everyone about the Dow Jones Industrial Average movement. Right now we can see that the DJIA is performing quite well but based on some few analysts projection, we are facing quite a dangerous situation. How bad is that situation? (bear in mind it will takes times for this thing to happen - downtrend) Please read this article to gain more knowledge about the DEATH CROSS
. An Analysis of the Death Cross Sell Signal.

Technical analysis, a Death Cross occurs when the 50-day moving average of an index, or stock, moves below its 200-day moving average (50-day moving average meet or cross the 200-day moving average). It may sound complex, but what a cross means is that recent average price of stocks has fallen below its long-term average.


Anonymous said...

No offense but it would be a more pleasant article without grammar and spelling errors.

Jackie Lee said...

Sorry about the grammar and spelling errors.

Thanks for your advice.

alexlee said...

It's seem like equity market may have another up leg in coming week, after last week rally.
For DJ Ind index death cross and weekly chart on " head and shoulder top " pattern is a dangerous sign for equity market but this sell off may not happens in this year, next year perhaps.

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