Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dow Jones Is Reaching Near Their Strongest Resistance At 11,200 Points.

Well ..... the Malaysian share market (second and third liners) finally make its move this week. Overall the sentiment is getting better and better with the National budget announcement just around the corner. The second and the third liners are showing more progress as well with the blue chips shares are in the mode of consolidating.

Turnover or the volume done still looks not big enough. I was looking at around 2 billion shares traded for a day. With the big turnover done, we might have a big Bull Run around the corner. At these moments there isn't any major negative news might occur but a precautions measure needs to be implement towards the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

No doubt the Dow Jones Industrial Average looks very nice but their index is reaching near their strongest hurdle or resistance at 11,200 points. If the Dow Jones manage to cross over that level with huge turnover done then we might have Bullish sentiment around the world equities market. This might help the Malaysian share market to move and break the New All Time High of 1,524.69 points set in 14th January 2008.

If the Dow cannot break that level of 11,200 points then we have to use a different approach to trade with this share market. Hopefully the Dow Jones didn't create a Double Top as there are few indicators showing weakening sign. To cancel that weakening sign the Dow Jones must move higher and higher.


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