Monday, November 15, 2010

Are The Bulls For The FBM-KLCI Is Resting ?

For the last two days the FBM-KLCI down about 35 points before recover back and lost about 24 points. It is quite obvious that the FBM-KLCI is going through a correction. At these moments will our share market heading further to the south ?????

No doubt the index might have some pullback due to some external sentiments (ie. china inflation fears), they tend to create more opportunity to buy at cheapest rate. For those who have lost their opportunity to trade recently, this would be the best time to bargain at lower price.

From my point of views, I don't think so that our share market will just ended their momentum at current level. From the overall performance our share market seems to have enough energy to go even higher. Candlestick indicator still looks not good enough. We must be careful all the time because any major reversal towards the world equities market, we might have the same impact as well.

Right now we still have enough opportunity to trade until there is an indicator or any major bad news that will overpower the uptrend. If the total volume or the turnover still stands about 1.4 billion to 1.8 billion a day, we need to put more attention on the stock broking company.

Hope for the best.


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