Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch Out For The Swine Flu. Might Cause Major Disaster To The World Financial Market ?

Yesterday the KL Composite Index closed lower. The index was down -14.42 points to close at 965.70 points. With this kind of formation (Bearish Engulfing Pattern) the KL Composite Index should take a pause and will try to adjust it’s recently uptrend. We might be seeing more selling pressure coming in.

One thing for sure, I will know how to unload any of my shares in future as I have learn how the share market react during this few weeks of uptrend. As long as if we bought any counters from the beginning of the uptrend, we shouldn't having any problems to unload at the end of the bull runs.

As we can see, there will be some sign or indicators coming out to alert us in the even that the share market was already over bought. I have made a few mistake of letting go some of the shares too early and I was’t stable enough to hold the shares longer (lock in profit early).

One lesson that I have learned from this uptrend is never try to be judges to judge that the share market is going for correction. Because of this attitude I have lost quite an opportunity to make some income from the share market. This thing already happens in the past but we as a human being always do the same mistake. That why I started to do some blogging. At least I have recorded down some of the mistake and in future I will enhance my trading by referring the mistake that I have done.

There might be some trading opportunity out there as the share market is taking a breath from their recently uptrend while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is still struggling to past over the 8,200 level and stay above the 8,000 points.

Maybe some mild technical rebound but this technical rebound will be minimal. Maybe we will have to wait for the bigger one (sharp drop), if any ?

The Swine flu news is getting bigger and bigger now with most of countries around the world have reported that some of their people have been hit by this flu. The global swine flu crisis deepened today with at least 16 countries in Europe and Asia reporting confirmed or suspected infections.

The flu is spreading but not at an alarming stages yet but death toll in Mexico have rises to 152 people already. The World Health Organization on Monday raised its alert level from three to four on its six-level scale. Still can remember how the SARS bring down the Asian Stock Exchange ?

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