Friday, April 10, 2009

Believe It Or Not ... Just Believe It .......

Most of us didn't expect that the share market move so strongly. In the afternoon the KL Composite Index close up +20.65 points. I couldn't believe it. Most of the speculative third liners shares are moving. Either they move strongly or they just following the trend.

This few days I did brought some and sell some of the share but to make huge profit we need to pick up the share and keep it. Whether now was the right time to accumulate, it would depend on how our share market reaction towards world equity market performance. I can't really know when the corrections would set in.

I think most us should know that whenever most of us foreseen that when the share market is heading for a correction and all the sudden the share market make a U-turn. I was sitting and I was wondering how we want to be sure that the market is going for a corrections? After a while I do remember that previous share market corrections only started when most of the third liners start to move even penny stock are also moving.

The best strategies to use now is selling on the run if we manage to accumulate last few days (it depends on how much is our profit) and if we feel tempted in buying more shares, accumulate in small quantity. I did ask some my friends who are still playing around with the share market, either they have sold their share earlier on or they never have a chance to accumulate at all (no confidence).

I have to admit that I have misses one of the opportunity but I do believe there always an opportunity to accumulate when this corrections set in. For those who have lost the opportunity to ride this bandwagon, wait for the next huge bandwagon. It might big and strong and the horse power of this bandwagon should make us laugh all the way to the bank. Who knows ???


Durian Edge said...

I think now must of the fund manager is sale out most of the share in hand because this few day off market trad is vary high.

Their are still a lot of bad news is about to flow out. What I know is a lot of Manufacture is cut OT cut pay and working hours and sure soon the buying power will drop a lot.

After that outstanding loan will short high.

Hopefully it will not end to this situation

Anonymous said...

Is it worth to buy in Axiata-CB and AMMB-CD??? I don't really know much about call warrant and my start up capital is very limited, both of them look so cheap to buy. I am just not sure if they are good to buy.

Jackie Lee said...

If the mother share Axiata and Ammb still can move then it is worth to buy but I would not rate it as cheap.

They are cheap in terms of their prices but they not cheap when we converted them toin their mother shares. Basically their performance will be based on their mother share performance.

Previously call-warrant was an attractive play but now they are just like the warrants shares.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your ideas. Do you mind to show how can i calculate the real value of the call warrant or warrant??? I just really don't know how the warrant work... =_='''

Jackie Lee said...

You have to refer to and search for the warrant announcement.

Every counters calculations are different from each other. You have to search every details.

CP said...

Hi Jackie,

I will say you are right to say that we WILL be bigger boat to come. So, some still sideline as waiting for THE bottom. At the moment, I dont think so it is a BULL-run.

Yes, getting kencana and annjoo at RM1 were a good trade. I hv cleared them, anyway.

To someone, DO NOT buy warrants/CW IF you dont know what it is. Generally, do not buy if you dont know.

talk to you again, Jackie.