Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today we can see how the market reaction after yesterday selling. The share market went up again. Even if we predicted that the market might be heading for correction, still some of the counters show more interest in moving up. Right at these moments the indicators still look positive but a careful approach was needed in order for us not to be caught by this share market movement if the trends have take a u-turn.

It is quite hard to know and to understand the behaviour of this market. We have to keep our eyes open this few days if we want to make some profit out of it. Maybe we can go for contra. However if we feel that our favourite counter still not moving yet then we might as well accumulate and wait for it to move.

A check on today movement suggested that most of the third liners started to make some volume and they show more interest rather than the second liners. Usually before any major correction set in .... third liners should lead the market then only the share market can go for right correction. This is what usually happens when there is a big or a small bull run.

There are so many counters showing more potential to move on. One of them is Green Packet. Right at these moments it is better for us to be well prepare ahead and go for a BATTLE before we could win a significant WAR. But we should be very careful in making any selection as the share market might turn against us if the Dow Jones Industrial Average showing move negative news and moving towards down.

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