Friday, May 1, 2009

KL Composite Index Still Bullish.

Well it was a surprised again. The index shot up. This time the index behaviour was very fierce. I didn’t expect it would happen in the way the index shot that fast. It seem that the correction only take about two days only. Can we call it as the correction was over and a new bulls run has just started ?

It is quite hard to understand the index sudden movement as I would like to share my thought about the KL Composite Index movement. Actually the share market should have corrected another few more days before any significant move can be made. What really happen yesterday, the Malaysian share market went so high in tandem with Asian region equity market huge surged.

Many of anticipated that the Dow Jones Industrial Average will perform after the market closed early morning today but it didn’t. Based on the chart wise the world equity markets have take a turn up after been consolidated for about two to three weeks. Will next week will be a good week to accumulate and start a new platform to speculate in the share market ?

Basically this one of the answer that I’m still searching for it ? Based on the world equity market –“ Yes “ we can start to accumulate and speculate but based on the correction that we have gone through it is still not enough. I would not speculate how the movement will be but the sign of the bull is still hovering around. Anything can happen at these moments but the atmosphere now is very bullish.

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