Monday, April 13, 2009

Sentiment Still Good. Will The Current Trend Still Sustainable ?

Hong Kong share market still close for today. This week we might be seeing something very interesting. Many financial institutions in the U.S will be announcing their quarterly financial results. What do you think? Will it be nice or bad? Will the current rally in Dow Jones Industrial Average end after five weeks of advance if the financial results show more negative results?

With the current sentiment still good, it is hardly we can make a judgement whether the current trend is going to end but we have to be careful for any corrections that might set in. What we can do now is, trade with cautious and a careful analysis. This morning market show that more interest been shown on the third liners counters or penny stock.

How far they can go? We wouldn't know but the sentiment was there for the third liners. At these moments it is not advisable to trade in huge quantity as the share market is moving into a week of uncertainty in the U.S financial market for the quarterly financial results.