Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elizabeth Wong New Photo Released. Hot Issue. Malaysiakini

THE Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government’s decision to retain Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong in its administration despite the release of revealing pictures of her shows that the opposition coalition practises double standards.

People especially who are surfing the Internet are keep on searching the story of Elizabeth Wong by typing the word " New Photo Elizabeth Wong " hoping that they can search for the new photo or the picture of her.

It was so loud in its condemnation when a Malaysian Chinese Association leader was taped in a sex act that cost him his minister’s job (former health minister, Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek). Yet, it turned a blind eye to the scandal involving one of its own.

In my points of view, YB Elizabeth Wong should have step down from her post as her reaction and her behaviour during her time with her former boyfriend was totally unacceptable.

During her time as Yang Berhormat, she shouldn't have a relationship with someone who is according to the syariah or Islamic law sleeping together in a room. That is the point that we are trying to talk about. How come she as a representative to Bukit Lanjang people and having a relationship which is go against the people understanding in Islamic laws?

No doubt she is a victim, she has to take the responsibilities and the blame for her semi nude photo being taken while she was asleep by her former boyfriend, Hilmi Malek. If we think about it for a while, no one or nobody dares to enter to YB. Elizabeth Wong's room to take her photo unless her parents or her brother or her sister. So the point is, only with the permission by YB Elizabeth Wong, her former boyfriend can only been allowed into her room.

Now the latest issue start to heat up when her new photo being release by someone into the Internet. The photo was being release after she has accepted her job back. What a political comeback ! A comeback with some new photo released. Woww..........


chanyip said...

hi jackie,

i have reading your blog for a while,but i can't help but to disagree with you this time. its disappointing for you to say that she allows the picture to be taken. who on earth would not trust their bf, if they don't trust then why begin a relationship in the 1st place. her only mistake was choosing the wrong guy, that's her being unfortunate, not a mistake really. the one should be punished is the guy, cos it's the guy who is under the syariah law, eli is not. eli did nothing wrong within the law that is suppose to accord.

Jackie Lee said...

To Chanyip,

Thank for sharing your ideas. By the way I didn't mention that YB Eli allows her boyfriend to take the photo of her. It is just that she have to take the responsibilities to accept that her boyfriend have betrayer her.

YB Eli was a state assembly person, a representative to people. A state exco. A higher ranking in PKR. She must understand that what are the things she can or cannot do.

Sometimes you need to scarifies something in order to gains something. What she has been doing is unacceptable for the society.

Whether her boyfriend was a Chinese or a Malay guy...I don't mind. But in Malaysia culture you are going against the islamic laws. But for her, she should know in the first place as a people representative she shouldn't have been sleeping with someone (not yet married) as she is a public figure.........

I can tell you that she is unlucky. I know she doing a good job but a mistake is always a mistake.

Daud said...

Dear Chanyip,
I agree with Jackie. If happen that I met with Eli, my 1st impression is that this gal is 'naughty' and yet wanted to 'lead' society. Can I trust her? If She can against the norm, she can take bribe too.As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

If anyone of you is without sin, throw the 1st stone.