Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thumbs UP For The KL Composite Index..

As we can see, no one is expecting that the share market will shot up so fast on Thursday and Friday. Datuk Seri Najib announcement really bring the market alive. As we can see that the Malaysian share market went towards the 1,000 points with high volume. A promising theory – high volume, which will support the market to move even higher.

The world equity market now is under correction or we can call it as consolidation mode. After their correction, they will move even higher if the trend is really uptrend. Watch out for any break out, maybe it is a continuation trend for the share market.

Will this continuation uptrend bring more jeers to the KL Composite Index ? Whether the world equity market is under correction or not, we will have to wait for few more days to see whether DJIA can bring the world equity market up ?

Right now people are talking about how far the KL Composite Index will go? At 1,000 points or move even higher to reach 1,030 points ? Last week move by the KL Composite Index was a surprised move. An unexpected move that creates lots of uncertainty among the players. Many of them are asking where is the correction ?

Maybe this a special occasion where by the markets react towards a special announcement that we all did not expected it to be announced. Whatever it is, we just have to keep on playing along with the market trend. This time around we can see it as an opportunity to make some income or else we might not have an opportunity in the future. At this moment when the KL Composite Index reaching 1,000 points, we might be seeing a small correction before the index move even higher. Maybe a small correction only.

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CP said...

Hi Jackie,

As you know, I m quite negative about KLCI but Najib is doing his magic!!

Yes, I do believe KLCI will breach 1000-level next week as Najib will mention about the liberalisation of the banks. Expecting good news and KLCI will jump, irrespective of DOW.

But this rally is exhausting soon, hence will hold till it drops.

Going into plantation tmr.

Good luck and happy trading.