Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak ! Any Major Effect On The World Equity Market ?

Well today we are seeing huge war between the bulls and the bears. As we can see in the chart and according to the Japanese Candlestick indicators, we call it Bearish Engulfing Patterns. This is a very bearish sign. Yet this sign have to be confirm by tomorrow share market performance. As usual if the KL Composite Index closed lower than today’s market closing, it will turn to bearish sign and will confirm that the trend has taken a pause.

I was watching it very closely this morning and even some of the speculative counters started to show more bearish sign today when the index take a sharp u-turn. Maybe because of the bad performance by the KL Composite Index, most of the counters cannot stand or perform accordingly.

Third liners especially the properties sector still can perform very well during the evening market but because lack of supportive, few of the speculative counters close off their high. This time around I’m losing some money but not much as I’m cutting off the shares. I always take an early pre-caution measure if something turn bad.

As we all know Swine Flu has caused some outbreak in the American region. Whether this flu is contagion or not, it will depend on how the most advance countries in the world could do about this. How will the American fight this flu ? The latest news mentions that Canada already confirming that the Swine flu has hit their country. Whatever it is, we have to stay cautious because this outcome might be big or maybe bigger than the SARS outbreak.

No matter what would be the outcome are, a look at the trend right now suggested that the news of the swine flu was the main point to stop the powerful bulls in the KL Composite Index. Maybe the KL Composite Index is taking this opportunity to correct its recent powerful gains. Well I don’t really know whether this outbreak will cause the world equity market especially the DJIA to go down further. Their recently uptrend run might take a pause if things turn ugly.

Maybe we might be seeing that the bulls have died and the bears start to rule back the market. Anything can happen right now. As the news of the outbreak quite new, any decision making has to be made in these few days whether we still want to continue holdings some of the shares or speculate some of the shares in Malaysian share market ? Remember how the SARS affected the Asian region and the share market performance ?

This statement was prepare while I was on board the plane from Bangkok to LCCT Kuala Lumpur.


CP said...


I think many will USE this flu-crisis as an excuse to release their positions. Yes, I will hv to cut off soon too, even at a loss.

I m as bearish.


Daud said...

Now Malaysia government is rushing to provide all sort of prevention including look after the BABIs farms. It has cost a lot of money and doesn't benefit the Muslims and Malays at all except to recover the curse. The government is one sided already. I am one of the tax payers and I paid so much money every year. This money goes to these activities? Struggling with BABIs again? Those budgets should come from those BABI breeders and their associates. I strongly support that all BABIs in Malaysia to be burnt together with those whom support the breeding activity.