Sunday, October 5, 2008


Why Sammy Chan apologized to the Indian community ? How it started ? After all the research has been done, here is the summary that was gathered. It all started because two alleged Indian youths snatched her mobile phone left on a table while she was having lunch.

Friday morning when I went through an article in Malaysiakini, I was so surpised there was an article about Furore over racist blog posting by Athi Veranggan Oct 3, 08 11:11am.

Inside the article it mentions that Hindraf has lodged a police reports against the blogger's posting in her "Life is a drama" website and Bukit Aman stated that they will investigate.

In the early morning Saturday while I was following her blog comments all the sudden she shut down the blog and open only for her invited guest only at about 1.45 am.

During that time I decided to make a research about the whole issue and started to arrange what really happen in the first place.

1) Sept 23, 2008. Sammy wrote down an article about her frustration towards the Indians people after she claims that two alleged Indian youths snatched her mobile phone left on a table while she was having lunch. Sammy went ballistic and wrote :-

I'm not trying to be racist but it's always INDIAN. It's INDIAN's fault. I don't care if I'm sued for racism. I HATE INDIANS. It's bad enough they are famous for being drunk and rude (most of them anyway).

Now, they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunk bastards, and the list goes on...SUE ME you idiotic Indians.

SUE ME, darn assholes. Complained all you want on my blog and my chatbox. I promise I won't sensor any comments. You come and complain if you dare.

If you half-heartedly think it's true, then don't even bother suing me. Because I know you Indians (the good ones) know it's true!

You Indians got no hands and legs to work and earn money is it? Stealing from other people is a happy thing and your source of income eh? Wait for the day of your fall and people will kick you on the roadside for stealing.

Note : Now I've to perform my usual ritual to curse that asshole who stole my phone to die on his way out from my office building. Get knocked down by a car and die beside my phone. Even better if I'm the one who knocked him down.

2) Sept 27, 2008. A website (original source) called posted an article title Amoi Racist? Wah La Wei… written by brother Durai about the article posted by Sammy Chan. In some of his article he wrote :-

Today I got hold of another bitch who had posted up something totally very ridiculous and downright racist. I hate to call someone that I do not know a bitch.

But, I don’t really care about calling this one as one. Why don’t you people ever give up stereotyping? In his last comment he was calling his friend MAKKEZ to lambast this girl.

3) Sept 28, 2008. A website called MAKKEZ posted an article title Everyone, hantam this AMOI! In some of his article he wrote :-

A huge thanks to Abang Durai of RagedIndian for highlighting about this racist bitch.

Her problem is that an “Indian” took her phone from her table somewhere in her office area and ran away and the very next thing that she did was to blog about “Indians are useless son of bitches!”.

4) Sept 28, 2008. Another website called {WIRED} / infinitely also posted an article title Forget politicians, what about racist Malaysians? In some of his article he wrote :-

The crown goes to Sammy Chan. She has bravely invited rebuttals against her post and even declared that she won't moderate comments.

Brave yet silly. I just want to ask her this: Has she got her phone back now that she has vented out her anger towards the whole community, and not just the person? I thought not.

PART 2 Will Be Continue...........


Jackie Lee said...

abi said...
As a Indian myself, i feel sorry for the poor girl. She lashed out with her emotions taking the lead on the posting. She apologized and its time to move on. We all male mistakes and she made a innocent mistake.

October 6, 2008 10:07 AM

Malaysianatheart said...
These emotional outbursts are not uncommon. She is young, was the victim of a crime and may be forgiven for ranting and raving like that. But it does indicate the latent racism in many of us. It is going to take more than 1 generation for us to be rid of our inner most bigotry - if ever! Lets just move on and leave the poor girl to reflect on her attitude.

October 6, 2008 10:19 AM

Anonymous said...
If " Indians" don want this same thing to happen again.. then i guess the best way would be
" teach her a good lesson "

October 6, 2008 10:20 AM

Anonymous said...
Can't you comment on the share market rather then harping on this issue. Move should stop blogging on this past issue !

October 6, 2008 11:06 AM

Jackie Lee said...
Although this was a past issue, but the main point why I blogging about this issue is to acknowledge that we as a bloggers should be careful when we want to pen down something in our article or in our blog.

About the share market I still monitoring it ..... will give a comment when the time arrive.....

Thank you for your concern...

October 6, 2008 11:16 AM

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