Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just come back from Singapore after having my holiday for 4 days 3 nights. During my trip there I have a chance to visit Sentosa Island.

To my surprised the constructions works were running very well. I was impressed. When I saw the project, I was thinking of buying Genting International shares.

I have been informed by my sister who was staying there. She was having a Permanent Resident in Singapore. She told me that she brought the Genting International P.L.C at SGD 0.60 per share.

Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS) is an integrated resort being built by Genting International and Star Cruises on Singapore’s beautiful Sentosa Island. The resort will include a large Las Vegas style casino, six distinct hotels offering a total of 1,800 rooms hotels, a Universal Studios theme park, and many other attractions.

With six themed zones, including The Lost World™, Hollywood Boulevard and Egypt, Universal Studios Singapore® is an adrenaline-charged excursion that will fill an entire day, or more.

The Marine Life Park is set to be the world’s largest oceanarium, with 700,000 fishes in 20 million gallons of water. Resorts World at Sentosa has made research and education cornerstones of this attraction, which aims to inspire, educate and enrich the understanding and protection of the oceans.

The Maritime Xperiential Museum is an innovative, multi-sensory interpretation of one of the most glorious periods in Asian history. With shipwrecks, treasures and deep ocean life, the museum at Resorts World at Sentosa will make history accessible and be a hit with both adults and kids

Equarius Water Park promises to be one of the world’s most exciting water theme parks. This Resorts World at Sentosa attraction will nestle under the lush canopy of a tropical rainforest, with its water rides, slides and pools framed by towering trees and jungle ferns.

Due to the recent financial meltdown, shares prices of Genting International went down to a price that can be considered worth of buying. At a price of about SGD 0.40, it is worth to invest as a medium to long term investments.

With the current crude oil prices standing at their lows this year and with the constructions material prices are falling due to financial turmoil in the world, it would be a great advantage and a great timing for the Genting International P.L.C to build RWS and complete it on time.

Please visit this video website for the latest update on their site (http://www.rwsentosa.com/video/webcast08_sep.html). It schedule to open in the year of 2010. Believe me if you want to invest in this share, now would be the right time. If not because of financial turmoil, I don't think we can get at this price today.


Hamzah said...

hi and thanks for sharing :-)

can malaysian buy spore stocks through our broker in KL?

BH LEE said...

Can, we can buy the singapore stocks through our broker in Malaysia.

Frank said...

I'm interested to but genting international in malaysia. How? Can teach n send email to me.

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