Friday, October 17, 2008

KL Composite Index Still In Dangerous Zone ?

To my surprised the KL Composite Index easily breaks the recently new lows created two days ago. Even with my experience in monitoring the movement of the KL Composite Index, still I had to admit that what ever calculation that I had made, still the KL Composite Index went down beyond my expectation.

Yesterday shares market closing prices can be consider very bad. It is something that we cannot found in months or years to come. It seems that the share market is getting from bad to worst.

New lows were created everyday. No significant rebound or solid rebound occur. With the on going slaughter by Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), it is impossible for the KL Composite Index to recover accordingly.

Yesterday for the first 45 min, KNM bring a shocking surprised when it went straight to limit down at RM 0.39 sen before close at RM 0.685 sen in the evening. During that straight falls I brought KNM at RM 0.395 and sell it off at RM 0.43 for quick profits but still I cannot cover the losses that I make yesterday.

The way the market move shows that there is no limitation for it to go down further. Blue Chips had been sold off heavily yesterday with many of them still cannot recover until the market close. My advice to all my readers is to stay out from the share market until a significant move to confirm that the KL Composite Index will start to show some stability. That also includes the global share market stability.

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